Two Bright Lakes

Two Bright Lakes is an independent, artist-run record label based in Melbourne, Australia.

Since forming in 2007 we have released music that moves us, from ambient folk music to slomo-house, to RnB and much in between. We take pride in putting on visually and aurally engaging live shows at venues throughout Australia, producing and collaborating on exciting video art and animation and continuously cultivating ideas, shaping them into new art and music.

Two Bright Lakes exists as a way to share the information, skills and resources of a gang of like-minded individuals, helping to support our mutual creative passions and endeavours and bring them to a wider audience. Constantly evolving, embracing new artists and technologies, our goal is to keep travelling further afield to find new people, ideas and experiences around the world.

We are grateful to be supported by such a vibrant community of artists, labels and creative businesses such as Remote Control, Inertia, Chapter Records, Astral People, Lost and Lonesome, Polyester Records, Mobile Industries, Penny Drop, To And Fro, Sugar Mountain Festival, Mess+Noise, The Thousands, A Pocket Full of Stones, Broadsheet, Schoolhouse Studios, among many others, as well as local councils to produce excellent music and memorable events at unique venues around Australia.

We are no longer releasing new music through the Two Bright Lakes label. Take a look at our active and back catalogue on our Shop page.