Dream Kit

A DJ, sound designer and broadcaster, Dream Kit - better known as Declan Kelly, the electronic soul in Australia’s musical Kelly family – is a project that draws on these disciplines, creating a kaleidoscopic world of science-fiction landscapes; complex, layered and bearing a wonky melodic swagger that takes its cues from strains of bass music, techno and the machine soul of Detroit.

Synths, bleeps, beats and bass intermingle in rugged, playful arrangements across varying tempos that shake headphones and dance floors alike and have attracted collaborative efforts from some exciting talents in Melbourne’s burgeoning beat-maker community, including Qua, Super Melody and Galapagoose.

Future Tense, the debut release from Dream Kit, and the first of a two part series of EPs is out now through Two Bright Lakes/Remote Control on 12″ vinyl and digital download.

Geoffrey O’Connor, Rambl and David Evans have taken Dune Year from the Future Tense EP in three completely different directions with remixes to be released December 15, 2011: Bombastic 80′s Electronica from GOC, Motor city garage for fans of Falty DL from DJ Rambl and an African tribal drum workout from David Evans. The free remix EP is available for download via Bandcamp.


Free Dream Kit EP Download