Oscar + Martin

Oscar Vicente Slorach-Thorne and Martin John King make up wonky pop duo Oscar and Martin.

They’ve been dancing around making beats, loops and melodies in Melbourne since 2006. Born of a generation with the history of music making at their fingertips, they possess an explosive creativity that is instantly infectious creating dance floors wherever they go. They are not afraid of exploratory composition yet make music that has pop, hip-hop and future RnB as the outline.

Live they are a blend of analogue keyboards, tape loops, toy instruments and percussion both complex and driving, the songs lush with textured detail that rubs up against a hip hop sensibility. Psuche are exploring new musical territory but aren’t afraid of making you want to dance.

This year Oscar + Martin will make your heart beat faster with exciting collaborations and side projects. See Oscar Key Sung and Fitness By Martin King Vol. 01

Their debut album For You is out now through Two Bright Lakes/Remote Control.