Otouto is melting pot art/pop; a band from Melbourne made up of Hazel Brown, Martha Brown and Kishore Ryan.

Otouto write inventive pop music inspired by pioneering experimental pop artists like Laurie Anderson, Arthur Russell, Young Marble Giants and Bjork, with nods to mainstream pop icons like Beyonce and Madonna.Whether playing warm warped vocal notes through a midi keyboard or hitting a banjo with a drumstick, this trio’s take on pop music is fantastically unique. The vocal harmonies created by the sisters cause beautiful juxtapositions with the dissonant guitar work and frenetic percussion and beats.

Otouto has received generous support from Australian radio stations such as JJJ,PBS, FBI and 2ser (album of the week!) and RRR (album of the week!)and featured in the The Age A2 Magazine and M Magazine, Rolling Stone, Yen and been reviewed and praised in Beat, Inpress, Mess + Noise, whothehell.net, thevine.com.au, fourthousand.com, thedwarf.com and fasterlouder.com.au.

Since the release of their debut in 2010 the trio has toured North America and Canada and played alongside an extensive list of prominent international acts; Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (USA), Coco Rosie (FRA/USA), Dan Deacon (USA), Lightning Bolt (USA), King Khan & The Shrines (GER), Micachu & The Shapes (UK), Best Coast (USA), Os Mutantes (Brazil) and Beirut (USA) plus fine Australian talent such as Cloud Control, Sally Seltmann and Sarah Blasko.

This wonderfully styled pop music is written with depth and skill that belies the age of the band members who seem to have the soul of Motown in their voices, the dirt of Nashville under their fingernails and the space of electronica in their heads.