After 2009′s critically acclaimed, self-titled debut album (Mess+Noise Critic’s and Reader’s Top 50 Records of 2009) much has changed for Melbourne-based pop ensemble¬†Psuche.

Since their successful album launch the band’s members have embarked on a slew of side projects, from solo albums to international exploration and beyond.

Their debut album was greeted with ardent critical acclaim from Mess + Noise, Cyclic Defrost and RRR amongst others, and their live shows, including a month long residency at The Empress, further endeared them to Australian music listeners, with their intense sonic textures and striking live visual projections.

Produced by Nick Huggins (Touch Typist), Psuche’s debut LP (recorded with original members Oscar Slorach-Thorn, Ruby Green, Samaan Fieck, Maxwell Reiss and Martin King) is available now through Two Bright Lakes.

Though there are no new Psuche releases or shows planned for the future, the spirit of Psuche lives on in the experimental pop stylings of duo Oscar + Martin, featuring two former members of the unique pop ensemble, Oscar Slorach Thorn and Martin King.