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Evolving since 2006, Seagull is a band fronted by songwriter and classically trained guitarist Chris Bolton, based in Melbourne, Australia. His first EP caught the ears of radio presenters across the country, including Zan Rowe who desrcibed single Train Tracks as “…beautiful stuff. This guy is definitely one to watch.”

Working with talented producer Nick Huggins (Whitley, Kid Sam, Mick Turner) Seagull released Goodbye Weather in 2008 to great acclaim and followed this up with Council Tree in 2010 which was awarded Album of the Week at 3RRR and lauded by press including Three Thousand who described it as “a ride worth taking. Repeatedly.”

Touring extensively since with alongside acts like Whitley, Otouto, Psuche, Seeker Lover Keeper and Bearhug, Seagull’s live performances have been described as “arresting…stellar stuff” (Inpress) with “a masterful blend of driving melodies, robust rhythms and earnest heartfelt vocals” (Oceans Never Listen blog). The live band features Kishore Ryan (Kid Sam, Otouto, Where Were You At Lunch), Ed Bolton, Nick Browning and Ruby Feidler, bringing the full texture of Seagull’s music to life in all it’s intimacy and force.

In 2013, Seagull releases their third full length album, Ocean From Above, self-produced by Chris Bolton and mixed by Colin Leadbetter (Whitley, Dirt Farmer). Moving away slightly from the intensity of moments on sophomore album Council Tree, Ocean From Above lulls listeners with it’s delicate arrangements and meditative spaces. Bolton sings songs composed in the dark cabins of night trains and empty beachs, of unique characters and perspectives, pushing his songwriting to a new level, touching on joy, heartbreak, mania and toil, taking listeners to contemplative emotional places.

Seagull’s recordings are released by Melbourne-based artist run label Two Bright Lakes/Remote Control  and distributed by Inertia.

Praise for Seagull

“A beautiful collection of meditations on modern life and the possibilities of modern pop music...filled with subtle, sparse, and sophisticated arrangements.”

Triple R, (Album of the Week, Council Tree)

“Under the moniker Seagull, Bolton creates distinct and soulful music that is at once inspiring and confronting in its honesty. ”

Wireless Bollinger

“There is, it seems, no one who writes like Chris Bolton. ”

Andy Hazel, Inpress