Collarbones‘ turn in the spotlight continues with the release of a new Flume remix of Turning from their third album Return.

“Here’s something I’ve been playing at my shows recently. It’s a remix for my buds from Sydney, Collarbones” -Flume

Listen to the remix on iTunes/Spotify, watch the video on Youtube and check them out live at Bowie Late Nights at ACMI in October.

In 2015, Two Bright Lakes celebrates it’s 8th year of existence, and announces that it will no longer be releasing new music through the label.

We will continue to support all current releases and back catalogue digitally and physically where available via Remote Control and Inertia. Over nearly a decade we have released exciting and next-level music by some of Australia’s most talented independent artists including Banoffee, Oscar Key Sung, Collarbones, The Harpoons, Kid Sam and Nick Huggins among many more.

The spirit of Two Bright Lakes lives on in new independent venture Little Lake Records, it’s first release the new album Decaying Bell from one of Two Bright Lakes’ founders, Nick Huggins.

To celebrate eight years of Two Bright Lakes, we have decided to go out the way we came, with a big party for ‘all our friends to go bang‘. Featuring performances by many of Two Bright Lakes current and alumni roster, it’s going to be a night to remember on April 10th at Schoolhouse Studios, with more details to be announced in the coming weeks.

Two Bright Lakes had it’s beginnings in 2007 at an event held at Melbourne venue Horse Bazaar, showcasing the work of writers, musicians, visual artists and animators, and from that event, six people decided to form a collective to better distribute the work that we made. The collective developed over the next couple of years to become a fully-fledged independent record label with the assistance of initial partners Fuse, then Remote Control and Inertia.

A Pocket Full of Stones Event Poster

The label has gone from strength to strength as we took on some of Australia’s most exciting and innovative artists, making music that for us and many of our listeners was at the forefront in it’s respective genre or style. We’ve been so proud to watch the evolution of the artists involved, like Banoffee, who we first heard making quiet ballads on piano, then as a part of Otouto, and now taking on the world solo, with her amazing songwriting and performances.

We are eternally grateful to have been supported by such a vibrant community of artists, music lovers, labels and creative businesses that stretch beyond our spiritual home of Melbourne to cities and towns all round AustraliaNew Zealand, UK, Europe, Asia and the US. We’ve met some incredible people along the way, some who have turned into lifelong friends.

An immense thank you to all our artists who have released music through us since 2007, there is no label community without you: Nick Huggins, Seagull, Touch Typist, Hazel Brown, Kid Sam, Psuche, Otouto, Hello Satellites, Oscar+Martin, Collarbones, Dream Kit, Batrider, Nick Huggins, The Harpoons, Galapagoose, Fox+Sui, Martin King, Oscar Key Sung, Banoffee, Sui Zhen, Total Giovanni and Brendan Welch.

Two Bright Lakes artists, 2007-2015

Thank you to the other founders of the label Nick Huggins, Chris Bolton, Mark Gretton and Adrian Simons for putting the time in all those years ago to build something. Special thanks to the legendary Nick who has been at the centre of so many of the productions released through the label, a man with golden ears and heart.

In no particular order, and apologies to anyone we’ve missed out on, thank you Remote Control, Inertia, Fuse, Caitlin Pasko, Dave Benge and Mikey Watkins at Drunken Piano, Roo at Rood Media, School House Studios, Simeon, Justin and Michael from Horse Bazaar days, Hugs&Kisses, This Thing, Wooshie, The Toff, Honkytonks, Chapter Records, Astral People, Lost and Lonesome, Polyester Records, Mobile Industries, Northside Records, Penny Drop, To And Fro, Sugar Mountain Festival, Mess+Noise, Doug Wallen, Darren Levin, The Thousands, Broadsheet, FasterLouder, Beat, InPress, The Music, ABC Art Nation, The Vine, Triple R, PBS, Triple J, A Pocket Full of Stones, City of Melbourne, City of Yarra, Marcus Thaine and Spotify Australia, Feral Media, Ben T-D, Against the Arctic, Nick Hoare, Emily Ulman, Woody McDonald, Meredith and Golden Plains, Declan Kelly, Richard Campbell, Simon Winkler, Lauren Taylor, Luke Pocock, Kim Jirik, Dom Alessio, Zan Rowe, Steph Hughes, Richard and Anita at Way Over There, Adam Yee, Sounds Australia, Elizabeth Barnett, Alice Glenn, Colin Trechter, Dylan Wiehahn, Sherwin Akbarzadeh, Genevieve Bailey, Lucy Fahey, Justin Mclean, Josh Aylett and Mahmood Fazal, Cornelius Brown, Stephanie Boyle, Emily Wormley, Annelise Hickey and Ruby Fiedler, Brian Cohen, SPOD, Ryan Alexander Lloyd, Michelle Tran Paul Philipson, Lucy Spartalis, Tim Shiel, Ben Gook, Jon Tjhia, Oscar O’Bryan, Andy Cowan, Darren Sanicki, Meredith and everyone at Darkwave, Nick O’Byrne and everyone at AIR, AMIN, Mariel Beros and everyone who took part in the RELEASE program, Denise Foley, Big Sound, the Australia Council for their support and all the amazing independent labels and artists putting out music in Australia (and everyone we forgot to thank who has ever helped us).

Massive thanks to our family, friends and loved ones especially Philip, Lizzie, Fleur, Steph, Lizzie, John, Robyne, Lara and Lucas, for all their support and understanding, you are patient and wonderful people, and we couldn’t run an indie record label without you.

A special thank you to all the media outlets, magazines, radio shows, websites, blogs, editors, freelance writers, photographers and fellow music nerds who supported the label over the years, for reading our press releases, and giving us editorial space, features, interviews.

A special thank you also to Remote Control, we would never have gotten this far without you, so thanks Harvey, Steve, Lorrae, Dan, Sweetie, Kate, Maq, Vanja, Rob, Maya, Nicole, Adam and everyone who came through this wonderful institution that supports so many independent Australian acts.

Two Bright Lakes releases

We’re really looking forward to hearing new music this year and beyond from Banoffee, Sui Zhen, Oscar Key Sung, Brendan Welch, The Harpoons, Collarbones, Hello Satellites, Seagull, Martin King and Speed Painters, as we continue to support their previous releases. We’re incredibly proud to be able to be a part of each of the carefully selected releases on TBL, they are all works worthy of wider attention, and are important historical documents in the ongoing development of each artist’s body of work.

So, thank you most of all, to everyone of you out there supporting independent music with your hearts, souls and hard earned dollars, keep listening and supporting as you do, look forward to seeing you at the party on April 10th at Schoolhouse Studios.
Blake, Hazel and Tig.
Two Bright Lakes

Two Bright Lakes Go Bang!
Friday 10 April 2015
Schoolhouse Studios 
Rupert St, Collingwood


Kid Sam
The HarpoonsNick Huggins
Brendan Welch
Hello Satellites
Two Bright Lakes DJs

For more information regarding releases, and for purchase links, go to:

Two Bright Lakes records are available to buy/stream/download at iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and all good digital and retail outlets courtesy of Remote Control/Inertia.

Two Bright Lakes on:
Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Vimeo

Visit: Little Lake Records
 Decaying Bell by Nick Huggins, out now on Little Lake Records

Collarbones have released their third single ‘Emoticon‘ from their new album Return ahead of their album launch tour commencing this Friday. Return is available now on Vinyl / Digital via Two Bright Lakes / Remote Control Records.

On ‘Emoticon‘, Marcus Whale leaves his emotions bare over a bed of undulating synths, deep bass and drum patterns in the penultimate song from their latest 9 track opus. Following on from dancefloor banger ‘Turning‘ and Oscar Key Sung collaboration ‘Only Water, ‘Emoticon‘ highs the diversity of the duo’s work and is a track to look forward to in their live performance.

LISTEN to ‘Emoticon’ on Soundcloud

Starting this Friday, Collarbones will be taking their immense live show around Australia, performing favourite new tracks off Return including ‘Emoticon‘ amongst a bunch of Collarbones classics. Collarbones have pushed boundaries with their dense, compelling live show – supporting Jessie Ware, Deerhunter, How To Dress Well and a string of local collaborators and friends including Rainbow Chan, Guerre, Oscar Key Sung & Martin King. Full dates for the tour below.

Return is an album of 9 songs that documents the erratic mood swings which come after a break up and the narcissism that follows. It deals with the fantasies surrounding love, and hones in on harsh realities. Collarbones have often played with the idea of genre and this album sees the collaborative band delving in many directions, in order to find their own path. The sincere and compelling sound of Return bridges the Teen Idol meditations found on earlier albums and solidifies Collarbones as a true gift to listeners.


Newtown Social Club, Sydney, NSW
w/ HTMLflowers + Yoke
Tickets via:

Pirie Social Club, Adelaide, SA
w/ Strict Face + Sparkspitter
Tickets via:

Hugs & Kisses, Melbourne VIC
w/ HTMLflowers + Philippa Omega
Tickets via:

Mondo, Perth WA
w/ Special guests
Tickets on the door

Interview Magazine have premiered the new video for Total Giovanni‘s second single ‘Can’t Control My Love’, available now to download/stream.

WATCH the video and READ all about it at Interview 

Indie Shuffle premiered ‘Can’t Control My Love’ in December and praised the group for making “another smooth, synth-pop masterpiece.” The clip, directed by Sherwin Akbarzadeh and premiering today through Interview Magazine, opens with a stunning shot of a television being destroyed in slow motion, just before we meet our lead character — a small boy who begins to question the antics of his “friends.” With the help of Total Giovanni, the boy is able to stand up (and dance) for what’s right.

“The whole ethos of the band is about being a lover, expressing yourself free of fear, and dancing like a maniac. I think these are often things that boys and men in our society are scared of doing. Total Giovanni are essentially dance-lover Jedi from another dimension and they’re here to help you through that.”
- Total Giovanni

Take a listen now on Soundcloud, download on iTunes and stream at Spotify or your favourite outlet.

It’s been a wonderful year in music, a difficult year in other respects, let’s hope that 2015 lifts us up, we’re certainly excited about what’s to come. And we’re proud of the wonderful music produced by our artists this year, with new releases from Hello Satellites, Banoffee, The Harpoons, Collarbones and Oscar Key Sung.  We also had debut releases on the label from Sui Zhen, Brendan Welch and Total Giovanni, all of whom we’re very excited to have as part of the fold.

It’s always hard to look back and pick favourites, here’s just a handful of the things that stood out for TBLers this year, hit us up with your favourites.


Banoffee plays an acoustic set at The Toff in Town

Banoffee’s highlights for the year:

The night at the Toff with Brendan Welch and Marcus Whale
Two Bright Lakes have a knack for bringing together all my favourite people in our city. There was no pretending, no “performing” just good dancing, talking and sharing of new and old songs. Every year Two Bright Lakes have something that makes my top 3 list.

Paradise Music Festival
Playing amongst the silver dead forest at Lake Mountain – and that hour around 3am where we got some speakers and played an iPhone set outside the cafe. Whitney Houston, Lauren Hill and Erykah Badu made myself and a group of dance addicted friends boogie till we fell over.

Interstellar at the Nova with my Dad
Its not a music moment, but it made one of my top days of the year. Its a really amazing movie, but also I just have an amazing dad.


Total Giovanni’s total wonders:

Favourite video - FKA Twigs – Two Weeks
Favourite live show - Mykki Blanko @ Dark Mofo
Favourite local song - Andras and Oscar – Every Time I Go
Favourite O/S track - Trus’me – I Want You (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)
Best local clip: Zanzibar Chanel feat. Dungeon Posse – Mustn’t Evolve

Nick Huggins’ top 3:

Beyonce – Beyonce
Laura Jean – Laura Jean
Brendan Welch‘s forthcoming album.

Eva Popov’s top music, book and moment:

1) Laura Jean – Laura Jean
2) Sharon Olds – Stags Leap
3) Performing with The Carpark Choir at The Horse and Weasel Tabernacle

Tig’s ​Top 3 (non-TBL) Tracks!

1. Fatima Yamaha – What’s a girl to do
2. Arca – Theivery
3. Total Control – Flesh War

Honourable mentions: Ariel Pink – Picture Me Gone, School Boy Q – Man of the Year, Freddie Gibbs – Thuggin’, Parquet Courts – Pretty Machines, Les Sins – Bother, Swans – A little God in my Hands, Midnight Juggernauts – Cedoption, Kindness – World Restart, FKA Twigs – Lights out, D’Angelo – Sugah Daddy … and so many others I can’t remember right now.

Hazel’s best of a rad year:

Finally opening the doors to Schoolhouse Studios
Learning new things! yoga, auslan surfing!
Having a big tropical snorkelling holiday
Banoffee EP
Kelela (Feat Tink) – Want it
Tirzah – No Romance
Oscar Key Sung – Holograms EP

Elizabeth picks the best:

The Harpoons – Unforgettable
Dan Warner – Pretty Sally
Sharon Van Etten – Are We There
Nils Frahm live at Melbourne Festival

LISTEN: Collarbones ‘Return’ album out now

28 November 2014
Posted in News & Releases

Collarbones‘ long-awaited third album Return is out now to stream and download, and on limited-edition vinyl.

Return is an album of 9 songs that documents the erratic mood swings which come after a break up and the narcissism that follows. It deals with the fantasies surrounding love, and hones in on harsh realities. Collarbones have often played with the idea of genre and this album sees the band delving in many directions, in order to find their own way forward. The sincere sound of Return bridges the Teen Idol meditations found on earlier albums and solidifies Collarbones as a true gift to listeners.

BUY Digital on iTunes
STREAM on Spotify
BUY VINYL from Bandcamp

“It’s every bit as ambitious, adventurous, clever and considered as we’ve come to expect, except even more so.”

“Collarbones are a force all of their own. On Return they can be heard switching it up from down-tempo pop tunes to straight-up acid house jams in the space of a heartbeat. Their take on club music, dance music, electronic music, whatever you wish to call it, is removed from trend and focused entirely on making ears tingle and feet move.”
Sevana Ohandjanian, The Music

“An act like Collarbones – on paper alone – is indicative of what is able to be achieved in a musical sense in the 21st century. Return marks perhaps the most complete realisation of the duo’s capabilities on record thus far.”
Tom Mann, Faster Louder

“Return pushes on from 2012′s Die Young, taking its songs to extremes: whether that be Turning’s diva-house dancefloor mania or Flush’s creeping ambience.”
Anthony Carew, Sydney Morning Herald

“Collarbones’ vision of electronic pop – characterised by Whales’ emotional vocals swimming in different pools of moody soundscapes and lit by skittish dancefloor-tailored beats – feels completely and utterly modern.”
Dylan McCarthy, Tone Deaf

Last week saw Melbourne taken over by some of the best local and international artists for an amazing week of music. Two Bright Lakes were proud to present three artists: Brendan Welch, Banoffee and Marcus Whale, in a special one-off show at the Toff in Town, with each artist playing solo and acoustic, only a beautiful Roland stage piano to accompany their wonderful voices.

Hannah Valmadre from The Music was there to document the event (read the review here) as they took the stage for some stripped back performances featuring original songs and covers by the likes of Bjork, Robyn and Laura Mvula. Take a look at some of the photos below.

Collarbones (featuring Marcus Whale, pictured above) release their long-awaited third album ‘Return’ this Friday featuring singles ‘Only Water’ (performed with devastating effect last Wednesday by Marcus) and Turning’. It’s available for digital download from Friday and on vinyl from late December. You can stream the album now, exclusively on Spotify.

PRE-ORDER Collarbones ‘Return’ on Vinyl/Digital

STREAM Collarbones ‘Return‘ on Spotify


Brendan Welch

Two Bright Lakes are proud to welcome the prodigious talent and honey tones of Brendan Welch to the fold with the premiere of his cover of Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own’ on The Ripe. Brendan’s stripped back, one-take piano version is evidence of his love for all types of songwriting. If something hits you right in the gut – does it matter what direction it comes from?

LISTEN to ‘Dancing On My Own’ on The Ripe

Brendan has been writing and recording original music for more than nine years, with his first EP ‘The Unbeat’ from 2005 receiving national radio play and leading to a tour with Paul Kelly. His first single ‘Burn Away’ was featured in the penultimate episode of the classic Australian TV series ‘Love My Way’.

This was followed up with 2007′s EP ‘That Ghost’ which also received national radio play and a dedicated following among songwriters and music lovers as well as shows with Tim Rodgers, The Sleepy Jackson and Something For Kate among others. ‘The Gleaner’ was one of the most beautiful and accomplished records of 2009 – the album, produced by Paul Dempsey, was featured in The Age’s EG Magazine as one of the top ten releases of that year. More recently, Brendan provided original songs for the acclaimed Australian TV drama ‘The Slap’.

2015 will see the completion of a long gestating follow-up collection of songs, produced by Nick Huggins. Word has quietly made it’s way round about this young man, whose haunting voice and honest approach to songwriting and performing make him someone to watch in the coming year.

Brendan Welch will be playing live with Banoffee and Marcus Whale (Collarbones) this Wednesday 19 November at the Toff in Town, tickets available from the link below.

Three Keys w/ Marcus Whale (Collarbones) + Banoffee
The Toff in Town
Melbourne, VIC

Wednesday 19 November

Two Bright Lakes are proud to release ‘Only Water’, the second single from Collarbones‘ forthcoming album Return, out November 28 on Digital and Vinyl.

LISTEN to ‘Only Water feat. Oscar Key Sung’ premiere on Stoney Roads

‘Only Water’ was built from a keyboard line recorded live and then fleshed out with all of the bells and whistles the band could muster. This hypercolour pop track was an inevitable fate. Marcus Whale and Oscar Key Sung’s symbiotic relationship has been full of collaboration and innovation since its inception on Myspace in 2006.

‘Return’ is out November 28th on Digital/Vinyl and available for pre-order from Friday 7 November.

Return out November 28 on Digital/Vinyl

“Sui Zhen was placed on the planet to make our lives better.” Noisey

Sui Zhen has released the most surreal, strange and captivating video for ‘Infinity Street’, the first single from forthcoming album ‘Secretly Susan’, out in 2015 through Two Bright Lakes/Remote Control.

WATCH the ‘Infinity Street’ video premiere on Noisey

Featuring pink lakes, pink brain feasts and pastel hues for days, this beautiful video is the collaborative work of Becky Sui Zhen, photographer Phebe Schmidt and cinematographer Joshua Aylett.

Catch Sui Zhen in Sui et Sui live at Melbourne Music Week and at Outside In Festival in November.

Upcoming Shows:

Nov 17 – Faster Louder Lunchbox Series at MMW/QVM – Sui et Sui

Nov 29Outside In Festival – Sui Zhen

Two Bright Lakes are more excited than ever to be able to release the first single from Melbourne Italo legends Total Giovanni. Thanks to Thump for premiering the single, take a listen below:

LISTEN to ‘Human Animal’ premiere on THUMP

Total Giovanni is an experience. It is a feeling. It is the most sexually charged discothèque this side of the tropic of capricorn . Earning notoriety from their visually unique and highly energetic live shows Total Giovanni create dance music to enable collective psychic liberation. With sets that move from smooth boogie to shamanic disco and heartbreak house, TG have built a reputation on whipping small music venues into wild bacchanalian frenzies. Now they seek to bring their poly-rhythmic jams, strange clothing and liberated masculinity in to your living room with the release of  their first single, Human Animal. With a host of festival and club shows on the horizon this summer, Total Giovanni are sure to be making the walls sweat somewhere near you. Free yourself…


14 Nov 2014Melbourne Music Week at QVM w/ Architecture in Helsinki + Rainbow Connection DJs

28 Nov 2014Paradise Festival w/ Oscar Key Sung + Banoffee + more

7-9 Mar 2015Golden Plains w/ Banoffee + Black Vanilla + Theo Parrish + more


Following sold-out Australian launch shows, and a blazing showcase at Australia’s Big Sound Confernce, Melbourne-based artist Banoffee releases ‘Let’s Go To The Beach’, the new single from her debut self-titled EP, ahead of upcoming Australian festival shows and US appearances at CMJ Music Marathon.

LISTEN to ‘Let’s Go To The Beach’ featured on Noisey

In contrast to the slowburn depths of ‘Ninja’ and the the ethereal vocals and syncopated beats of ‘Got It’‘Let’s Go to the Beach’ is immediate, musically upbeat and euphoric, it’s staccato percussion, heavy bass kick, handclaps and chorus elements infectious. With a stack of Australian festival appearances and US shows coming up, you’ll be seeing a lot more of Banoffee this season before she takes a break to work on her debut album out in late 2015.

The Banoffee EP is out now via Two Bright Lakes / Remote Control and is available to purchase via iTunes & JB Hifi and stream on Spotify.


Supporting Oscar Key Sung
Hugs and Kisses

Melbourne Music Week
Spook Event
Melbourne, VIC

Three Keys w/ Marcus Whale (Collarbones) + Brendan Welch
Toff in Town
Melbourne, VIC

Paradise Music Festival
Lake Mountain, VIC

Semplesize Block Party
Melbourne, VIC


Beyond The Valley

Phillip Island, VIC

Two Bright Lakes/Remote Control are very excited to release the first single ‘Infinity Street’ from Sui Zhen‘s forthcoming album ‘Secretly Susan’, out in 2015.

‘Infinity Street’ is but the first taste of a strange and sweet-tasting concoction, it’s balearic beats and airy vocals transporting the listener into Zhen’s unique world. It’s lyrics speak of a post-apocalyptic daydream where our protagonist chases a never-ending sunset. It’s about the persistence of desire and unquenchable thirst. Zhen worked with photographer Phebe Schmidt and DOP Joshua Aylett to help create the pink-hued world of ‘Susan’.

Sui Zhen is the alias of musician and artist Becky Sui Zhen. Her recent EP ‘Female Basic’ showcased her own version of Japanese post-punk through a dreamy balaeric-bossanova filter, moving from the intricate bedroom-pop explored on her 2012 releases Midriffs and Two Seas to create something more minimal and mysterious.

After a decade of dating DJs, Becky discovered her own love for sharing the records that inspire her own music. As DJ SUSAN she plays balearic pop, 80s bossnova, soft-disco and modern-soul – ever searching for voices reminiscent of those she hears in her head. She really likes Dip in the Pool, Antena and Robbie M.

Originally from Sydney, Becky Sui Zhen is now thoroughly embedded in the Melbourne music scene. A participant of the Red Bull Music Academy in 2010 it was there she met collaborator Andras Fox to form the duo Fox + Sui. She performs solo as Sui Zhen and in band format as Sui et Sui (with Ashley Bundang and Alec Marshall). Becky also provides vocals and percussion to Melbourne bands NO ZU and Hot Palms.

LISTEN to ‘Infinity Street’ at Pigeons and Planes

BUY ‘Infinity Street’ on iTunes

LISTEN: The Harpoons album out now!

23 September 2014
Posted in News & Releases

For over a year now, The Harpoons have been hard at work on their debut LP ‘Falling For You,’ now streaming exclusively on DIY Magazine ahead of its release this Friday September 26 on digital and limited 12″ vinyl.

BUY The Harpoons ‘Falling For You’ album on Vinyl/Digital

Order on iTunes

The Wild Honey Pie described the first single from the album — “Unforgettable” – as “pretty close to perfection.” The video, which premiered in April on SPIN, features frontwoman Bec Rigby up close and personal, belting out her love-stricken lyrics with eyes closed. Pigeons and Planes later featured the clip and praised the track for its ”perfect amount of heartache and soul.”

All Things Go premiered another new track from the band last month – a velvety slow jam called ”Can We Work This Out“ that showcases a different side to the band. Where “Unforgettable” is spunky and uplifting, “Can We Work This Out” is reflective and solemn, with Martin King on silky lead vocals while Bec Rigby‘s are only sprinkled on top throughout. In the clip, directed by Aussie musician / visual artist Becky Sui Zhen, King and Rigby pose together against a pulsing pastel backdrop. Their movements seem to be in slow motion, an effect that accentuates the dejected spirit of the track in a mesmerizing way. Clash had the premiere.

“Can We Work This Out” was also later included on Dazed & Confused Magazine‘s August 2014 playlist alongside new music from Beyonce and Nicki, Vessel, Young Thug, La Roux and more.

Falling For You‘ is out September 26th through Two Bright Lakes and Remote Control Records on digital and limited edition 12″ vinyl.

The Harpoons – ‘Falling For You’

01 Unforgettable
02 Falling For You
03 Never Stop Loving You
04 Easy
05 Can We Work This Out
06 Ring Ring
07 Hold On A Minute
08 Walk Away
09 Keep You Around
10 Don’t Say My Name

Order on iTunes

“The venue filled up quickly, and as opposed to most other BIGSOUND shows I attended,
no one was leaving because they had another band to catch. How could you possibly
leave when The Harpoons are on?… The love in the room was palpable…
Melbourne’s best kept secret won’t be a secret for much longer.”
Tim Shiel, Something More / Double J

“Perhaps the only band in the history of music who could be described as both RnB AND RnB.
You know how someone says “RnB” about Beyonce or Aaliyah or whatever and someone else says
“that’s not RnB… RnB is Ray Charles”? Well The Harpoons somehow manage to be both.”
Aunty Meredith

THUMP has premiered the SPOD directed video for new Collarbones single “Turning” from their long-awaited third album ‘Return,’ set for release November 2014 through Two Bright Lakes / Remote Control Records in AU.

WATCH Collarbones ‘Turning’ video on THUMP

“The Collarbones clip hemorrhages neon patterns, contemporary fashion, and Internet art detritus over a broken beat with a pinched R&B vocal–in other words, it’s an opus of contemporary genius.”

SPOD‘s whirlwind video features Marcus Whale, Travis Cook and friends performing among the iconic trappings of nineties dance music videos, lit by the dawn light of the internet. The single “Turning” sees Marcus Whale referencing ’90s diva house in an unbridled tribute to joyful feelings of renewal. It’s an upfront and club-friendly taste of forthcoming album ‘Return,’ which will feature special guest spots and genre-defying tracks that will stay with you throughout the year and beyond.

Collarbones - ‘Return’ will be released November 14 2014 via Two Bright Lakes / Remote Control Records.

BUY: Collarbones – ‘Turning’ on iTunes / Spotify / Beatport
BUY: Atlantis 2014 EP

LIVE: Banoffee announces supports for East Coast Tour

11 September 2014
Posted in Events & News

Following some blazing shows at Big Sound this week, we’re happy to say that Banoffee will be joined by some stellar supports for her east coast shows next week.

In Melbourne she’ll be joined by Silent Jay, HABITS and CRUSHCORE at Shebeen on Friday September 19th.

In Sydney she’ll be joined by Yoke, Luen and Marcus Whale (Collarbones) at GoodGod Small Club on Saturday September 20th.

Tickets for Melbourne are nearly sold out, and Sydney is selling fast, get them while you can at the links below.


Niche Productions, Good Manners, Remote Control & Two Bright Lakes present


Shebeen Bandroom, Melbourne VIC

w/ Silent Jay, HABITS and CRUSHCORE


Goodgod SmallClub, Sydney NSW

w/ Yoke, Luen and Marcus Whale (Collarbones)


Buy/Stream Banoffee EP:

iTunes | Spotify | Beatport

Two Bright Lakes are pretty excited to have three of our acts performing at Big Sound this year alongside some of Australia’s finest emerging acts. It’s going to be an amazing few days in the valley, we look forward to seeing you there. Check out showcase times and shows below.


Wed 10th September
The Rev

Also appearing at No Sleep Til Wednesday, Tues 9th Sept at Woolly Mammoth | Facebook

Oscar Key Sung

Wed 10th September
inthemix Stage @ Woolly Mammoth

Also appearing at No Sleep Til Wednesday, Tues 9th Sept at Woolly Mammoth | Facebook
and Cool Party II, Friday 12th Sept at Alhambra Lounge | Facebook

The Harpoons

Thu 11th September
The Brightside
Check out more about Big Sound here

The Harpoons have premiered their brand new video for current single ‘Can We Work This Out‘ via US based publication CLASH overnight. Visual artist Becky Sui Zhen has created a beautifully colourful and captivating film clip shot against vivid shades of pink and green.


The band will take their soulful sounds north in the early half of September and will join the incredible lineup at the BIGSOUND Music Conference in Brisbane playing a showcase on Thursday 11th of September at The Brightside. Following their appearance at BIGSOUND the band will then head to Sydney playing a headline show at Brighton Up Bar on Friday 12th of September.

Debut album ‘Falling For You’ featuring ‘Unforgettable‘ and ‘Can We Work This Out‘ is due for release on September 26th on Vinyl and Digital.

The long awaited self-titled EP from Banoffee is finally available via Spotify’s pre-stream ahead of the official release this Friday 22nd August.

Get excited… there’s a summer anthem in there!

“Some of the year’s best music”
– The Fader

“[Banoffee] is set to make serious waves with her debut release”
- Indie Shuffle

“Everyone stop what you’re doing, Banoffee’s ‘Ninja’ video has already won this week”
- Dan Carson (Line of Best Fit)

“It’s always a pleasure to come across second-take audible gems”
- Saint Heron

“…it takes someone truly compelling to effectively stand out. Melbourne-based Banoffee, however, has done just this with her single “Ninja.”
- Pigeons and Planes

“Turning” is the first track from Collarbones‘ long-awaited third album Return set for release in November 2014 through Two Bright Lakes / Remote Control Records in Australia. ‘Return’ follows 2012′s brilliant Die Young as well as the band’s AIR Award-winning debut album Iconography.

LISTEN to ‘Turning’ premiere on Noisey

It’s been an exciting year for cross-border collaborators Marcus Whale and Travis Cook. Since releasing the ‘Atlantis 2014′ mix tape in May (the band’s first release since 2012′s sophomore full length Die Young), the electronic/dance duo have guested on Yo Gabba Gabba!, have had a track featured on a Vogue / Miranda Kerr video, have collaborated with Synergy Percussion for Vivid Sydney, and have hosted self-help seminars, all while wrapping up their highly anticipated third full length record.

New single Turning sees Marcus Whale referencing ’90s diva house in an unbridled tribute to joyful feelings of renewal. It’s an upfront and club-friendly taste of forthcoming album Return, which will feature special guest spots and genre-defying tracks that will stay with you throughout the year and beyond.

Collarbones will embark on a four date tour of Australia in August with special guests Black Vanilla (featuring Guerre, Marcus Whale and Jarred Beeler)  Don’t miss the band launching ‘Turning’ the first track from Collarbones imminent ‘Return’.

Collarbones – RETURN will be released in November 2014
via Two Bright Lakes / Remote Control Records



with Martin King & Club ESC DJs


with Alba, Ben Fester, Cliques, Cosmo’s Midnight, Dro Carey, Huggz, Jonti & The Astral Kids,
Levins, Modern Fairytale, Moon Holiday, Preacha, Rainbow Chan

Banoffee has premiered the video for her single ‘Got It’ on Noisey today. The video (directed by long-time collaborator Alice Glenn) features a viewmaster-like pair of sunnies on a wigged-out Banoffee.

“The track is part R&B, part synth pop tied in with crazy vocal manipulations making Brown’s artistic pseudonym the perfect pie analogy. The track’s sweet spot is around halfway through when the cyclical synths and lyrical refrains unify with a bump N’ grind beat.” Noisey

WATCH Banoffee ‘Got It’ video premiere on Noisey

BUY ‘Got It’ on iTunes

Following on from the amazing Unforgettable comes the slowburn RnB jam Can We Work This Out from the Harpoons, ahead of their debut album Falling For You, out later this year through Two Bright Lakes/Remote Control. The track premiered on All Things Go overnight and they had this say:

“The Melbourne outfit puts an experimental spin on the usual electro-soul fare, combining delicate boy-girl vocals with sleepy twinkling synths to create a strangely — but in a very good way — smooth track. Prepare to be mesmerized”

LISTEN to ‘Can We Work This Out’ premiere on All Things Go

FOLLOW The Harpoons on Soundcloud

The Harpoons will be launching the single at the Workers Club over two nights in August, come down and watch them throw down some new jams ahead of the imminent album release.

The Harpoons Can We Work This Out Single Launch

Friday 8 August – Workers Club w/ special guests – TICKETS

Saturday 9 August – Workers Club w/ special guests – TICKETS

Two Bright Lakes are thrilled to present the latest single ‘Got It’ from Banoffee‘s forthcoming EP debut.
While showcasing Banoffee’s special sense for pop and RnB hooks and harmonies, Got it taps deep into Martha Brown’s songwriting skills. Got It expresses fragility and complexity, strength and disillusionment and empowers both the singer and the listener in one cool swoop.

Listen to ‘Got It’ first on CLASH

Stream via Soundcloud

Banoffee’s ‘Got It’ is available to stream and download on iTunes, Spotify and all good digital outlets.

Collarbones‘ new EP of “real baby making music” (Channel V) is now available for streaming/download on all good digital outlets including iTunes/Spotify/Rdio and more.  Featuring lead track Burnout and four stunning new tracks, the EP is a taste of what’s to come later this year when Collarbones release their third full length album through Two Bright Lakes.

LISTEN to Atlantis EP at Two Bright Lakes Shop

iTunes | Spotify | Bandcamp

Set times have just been announced for Splendour in the Grass 2014, and Banoffee and Oscar Key Sung will be playing back to back on the Red Bull Music Academy Stage on Sunday night from 7pm til 9pm.

It’s an amazing lineup overall but, this year’s Red Bull Music Academy stage is unmissable with the likes of Andras Fox (of Fox + Sui), Black Vanilla (feat. Marcus Whale from Collarbones), Haitus Kaiyote, Japanese Wallpaper, Kirkis, Retiree, Cassius Select, Roland Tings and so many more.

Splendour in the Grass takes place in the North Byron Parklands July 25-27 2014. Check out the full set time for each day here.

It’s going to be one helluva party, hope you got yourselves a ticket.

Ever the ones in illustrious company, if it’s not Yo Gabba Gabba! or Stargate, Marcus and Travis of Collarbones are making inroads in lots of interesting places. This time Collarbones have shown up in a new video for Vogue Australia featuring cover model Miranda Kerr. The behind the scenes video features ‘Cocooned’ by Collarbones from their critically acclaimed album Die Young.

WATCH the Miranda Kerr cover shoot video featuring Collarbones at Vogue

If you missed it, Collarbones just dropped the Atlantis 2014 EP, take a listen to “some real baby making music” at their Soundcloud.

LISTEN to ATLANTIS 2014 on Soundcloud

Collarbones have released the full ‘Atlantis 2014′ mixtape featuring the recently released track ‘Burnout’ and four new tracks from the ever evolving cross-border collaborators. Premiered on US blog Pigeons and Planes, they had this to say about the new tracks from the gents, ahead of the duo’s third album to be released later this year through Two Bright Lakes:

“A rich, gooey bass pulsates through “Sinkhole,” while “The Place” rides some icy synths and “Atlantis 2014″ will blow the dust out of your speakers immediately. Basically, it’s a lot of fun, positioning Collarbones as much more than just another alt-R&B act.

Listen and download the mixtape at Pigeons and Planes

Catch Collarbones live at Vivid in Sydney on June 6th with Synergy Percussion.

Today we’re psyched to announce the release of this killer remix of ‘Unforgettable’ that our friends Friendships made. Check out the ACCLAIM premiere here.

PLUS The Harpoons are headlining at Shebeen! Details below.

Thu 5th June
36 Manchester Lane,
Doors 7.30

Support is Friendships + more

“…the upcoming album powered by alluring electronics and a captivating case of unconditional love, as heard on first single “Unforgettable.” – SPIN
“…Bec Rigby’s arresting vocals leading a parade of crisp drums and crescendoing synths to create a sound that teeters on the boarder of pop and R&B.” PIGEONS and PLANES
“…Bec’s vocal variations harmonize seamlessly around the sanguine lyrical revelations and genre-bending melodies.” SAINT HERON

Listen to Unforgettable Friendships Remix

Following recent shows at Camp A Low Hum and supporting Baths, Collarbones have premiered “Burnout” on US blog Pigeons and Planes,  a standout track from the duo’s forthcoming Atlantis 2014 mix tape out digitally later this month. The single, described by Pigeons and Planes as “melding R&B and electronic production with lush, spacious results”, is an exciting precursor to Collarbones’ third full length album, due for release later this year via Two Bright Lakes.

LISTEN: ‘Burnout’ by Collarbones on Soundcloud

WATCH: Atlantis 2014 Mixtape Trailer

For over a year now, the Harpoons have been underground working hard in the dark and in the heat. What they’ve come up with will hit you right where it hurts. “Unforgettable“, premiering today exclusively on SPIN, is taken from the band’s forthcoming debut album Falling For You — to be released later this year through Two Bright Lakes.

“Unforgettable” begins by offering glitches and whispers of hope, and then grows effortlessly into a declaration of the most certain of loves. It’s going to be hit after hit for these guys — who are renowned for packing rooms with sweaty bodies — and “Unforgettable” is only the beginning.

The Harpoons play this Thurs 17th April at Cherry Bar in Melbourne, get on down to hear some of the new tracks from forthcoming album ‘Falling For You‘.

WATCH the video premiere at SPIN

LISTEN to Unforgettable on Soundcloud

Watch the ‘Unforgettable’ video on Youtube

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re proud to say that Hello Satellites’ second album ’84000′ is out now on CD/Digital in all good record stores, online at the Two Bright Lakes store and digitally through your favourite online service. Featuring singles ‘Hollering Saints’ and Television Screens’ it’s an album that is at times euphoric, melancholic and like the best pop music, invites you in, taking you with it on a musical journey through joy and pain, sorrow and dreams.

BUY: Hello Satellites ’84000′ on CD/Digital from the Two Bright Lakes online store

READ: Eva Popov interview on MadfaMusic blog

Camp A Low Hum held it’s last ever event this year, and Seagull and Collarbones were there to witness it’s wet and wonderful demise. Chris Bolton from Seagull lays it out for us:

“It never stopped raining, a few stages had to be shut down, I hadn’t heard of most of the bands and it was the best festival ever. Each act brought something unique and intriguing to the table, from minimal techno to grunge to r & b to metal. Kangaroo Skull, The Golden Awesome and Bad Sav were my favourites. And the crowd were there for every performance, dancing or sitting in the rain, totally open to whoever was playing. It’s like the ‘no dickheads’ policy was imposed. The rainforest setting was incredible too. I highly recommend going to any future events organised by the A Low Hum oracle, Blink.”

Seagull onstage at Camp A Low Hum

Seagull live at Camp A Low Hum

Collarbones thank the people of New Zealand for having them at Camp A Low Hum

As well as absolutely smashing it at Camp A Low Hum (watch the videos by Village Video Co below for proof), Collarbones recently had their track ‘Cocooned’ appear in the film 52 Tuesdays, check the trailer below before the film is released on 1st May.  The lads have some new music on the way, keep listening for more news on that shortly.

Collarbones performing ‘Too Much’ at Camp A Low Hum

Collarbones perform ‘Hypothermia’ at Camp A Low Hum

‘Cocooned’ by Collarbones appears in new film ’52 Tuesdays’ out May 1st in Australia

The lovely folk at The Ripe have premiered the new video from Hello Satellites, ‘Hollering Saints’, from forthcoming album ’84000′ out April 11th on CD/Digital through Two Bright Lakes/Remote Control.

It’s a whimsical story directed by Brian Cohen at Umbershoot (and funded with the help of some lovely people who donated through the Pozible campaign) and was described to songwriter Eva Popov by Brian (on MadfaMusic blog) as such:

Eva: “You’re going to be on one rooftop and two men are going to be on another rooftop fighting over you, and it’s going to be in a post-apocalyptic world and they’re going to fly off into the distance…” I felt nervous about it but he certainly reassured me that I could perform in that scenario. I was just taken by his passion and his vision and thought “Okay if you’re going to make that happen, then you make that happen” and he did!”

Watch the ‘Hollering Saints’ video on The Ripe

The band are launching in the album ’84000′ in Melbourne on April 26th at the Kelvin Club w/ guest Paddy Mann (Grand Salvo) and in Sydney on May 31st at The Newsagency w/ special guests.


w/ Paddy Mann (solo) . Tickets $15 (+bf) available HERE

w/ special guests. Tickets $20 available HERE

 Listen to ‘Hollering Saints’ on Soundcloud

Buy ‘Hollering Saints’ on Bandcamp

Premiered this week on RRR, JJJ and Radio National, ‘Hollering Saints’ is the second single from Hello Satellites’ forthcoming sophomore album ‘84000’, out April 11th through Two Bright Lakes/Remote Control.

Following on from radio favourite ‘Television Screens’, ‘Hollering Saints’ is a stomping, catchy, folk-pop tune, with Eva Popov’s vocals soaring over a joyful arrangement of piano, saxophone and handclaps.

LISTEN to ‘Hollering Saints’ on Soundcloud

BUY ‘Hollering Saints’ at Bandcamp

The band’s sound has evolved, following some additions to the line-up, building on the subtle beauties of their debut to create a stunning and thoughtful album of unique folk music with pop sensibilities and many layered instrumentation. It’s at times euphoric, melancholic and like the best pop songs, invites you in, taking you with them on a musical journey through joy and pain, sorrow and dreams.

Hello Satellites will be playing shows in late April to celebrate the launch of the album.

MARCH 12th – Old Bar, Fitzroy, VIC – Open Swimmer, Hello Satellites (stripped back), Homewreckers
APRIL 26th – Kelvin Club, Melbourne, VIC – Hello Satellites 84000 Album Launch show w/ Paddy Mann (solo)

‘Holograms’ Digital EP Out Now

02 March 2014
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Oscar Key Sung has been a busy man of late, between tours with Autre Ne Veut and Ghost Poet he’s had his tracks and remixes raved about on Pitchfork and coveted by the likes of Saint Heron and Hudson Mohawke. After a series of singles and remixes Oscar Key Sung finally releases his debut EP via Two Bright Lakes.

The Holograms EP is a collection of tracks including singles It’s ComingAll I Could Do and Holograms which demonstrate the depth of talent Key Sung has shown in his relatively short time playing solo. From infectious dancefloor workouts to r-n-b slow jams, this is distinctly modern songwriting taking cues from diverse muses, absorbing them and  then re-approaching them once more from a different angle. The EP features sounds that wouldn’t be out of place in a late night deep house track and lines that would make Usher blush, usually all in the one song. While Key Sung features some distinct elements of modern r-n-b it always sounds like Oscar, there are no tropes here, just beautiful songs.

The Holograms EP hints at the depth of Key Sung’s work to date, a snapshot in time of a fine songwriter maturing with his craft and it’s a sign of a very bright future.

With a slot at Golden Plains, a tour with Gold Panda and a return to the Boiler Room TV stage in the coming weeks, Oscar Key Sung’s star is rising, the world awaits.

Buy ‘Holograms’ EP on iTunes

Live Dates:

Thursday 6 March – Boiler Room w/ Oscar Key Sung and Andras Fox

Friday 7 March – Gold Panda w/ Oscar Key Sung at Corner Hotel

Saturday 8 March – Golden Plains w/ Oscar Key Sung and Andras Fox

Saturday 8 March – Fat Freddy’s Drop w/ Oscar Key Sung

Monday 10 March – Baby Riss Fundraiser w/ Oscar Key Sung DJ set

All I Could Do (Directed by Tristan Jalleh)

Canadian experimental electronic/sound artist Connect-icut (Samuel Macklin) is a new friend we met through an old favourite Nicholas Krgovich (from No Kids and also from Vancouver, Canada). Connect_icut has just released the 3rd track from the album Small Town by the Sea (Aagoo, 2014). Dedicated to connect_icut’s home-base in Vancouver, Canada, Small Town by the Sea twists familiar environmental sound tropes (bird song, ocean waves) into new shapes, creating an uncannily powerful sense of place and time. As with all connect_icut productions, the results are both enveloping and ominous.

Download this track on soundcloud now!

Oscar Key Sung has premiered the title track from his forthcoming EP ‘Holograms’ on Pitchfork, “the crooner’s lilting vocal laid atop the tune’s subtly warped textures” on this beautiful slow jam. Just a few weeks until the EP is out on March 3, can’t wait…

…in the meantime, if you missed it, the wonderful Naminé has also joined the talented local group of producers to remix previous single ‘All I Could Do’ take a listen below.

LISTEN: Oscar Key Sung ‘Holograms’ on Pitchfork

BUY: Oscar Key Sung ‘Holograms’ on iTunes

LISTEN: Oscar Key Sung ‘All I Could Do’ (Naminé remix) on Soundcloud

LIVE: Catch Oscar Key Sung live in Melbourne on Friday w/ Kingdom and in Sydney on Saturday w/ Oliver Tank

Having played on the same bill at Astral People’s Witness 01 party recently, Black Vanilla have lent their dark and sexy talents to remixing Oscar Key Sung‘s ‘All I Could Do’, a minimalist bass music take on the track that recently hit more than 100k listens on Soundcloud.

Black Vanilla features Marcus Whale from Collarbones, Guerre and DJ Plead. If you haven’t already, take a listen to ‘Call Your Husband‘ (search: ‘inappropriate’), from their Black on Black on Black Mixtape, you won’t regret it.

Listen out for some more remixes coming soon…

Listen to Oscar Key Sung – All I Could Do (Black Vanilla Remix)

Buy Oscar Key Sung – All I Could Do (Digital)

Listen/Buy – Black on Black on Black Mixtape by Black Vanilla


In the first of a series of remixes from some exciting producers, Naysayer and Gilsun have lent their considerable audio skills to reinterpreting Oscar Key Sung’s ‘All I Could Do’. Known for their arresting visual extravaganzas and late night club jams, the talented production duo have pushed the original into some interesting new territory, take a listen below, and listen out for more remixes to come shortly.

Listen to Oscar Key Sung ‘All I Could Do’ Naysayer and Gilsun remix

Listen to Oscar Key Sung ‘ All I Could Do’ (Original)


Thanks everyone, what a year 2013 was.

Thank you to everyone who came to our gigs, who bought some records, who sent us messages (sorry if we haven’t replied to all of them yet, we will), who supported us in any shape or form, we salute you. We’ve got a big year coming in 2014 with releases from Banoffee, Oscar Key Sung, The Harpoons, CollarbonesSpeed Painters (yes, really), Hello Satellites and more. There’s already a couple of gigs locked in for the new year (see the Events page), including the fourth edition of the Sugar Mountain festival and all sorts of other things. As always, keep listening, we’ll see you soon… (if you are in Melbourne, come to the Toff this Thursday to see The Harpoons and Two Bright Lakes DJs alongside Total Giovanni, pre-yuletide joyfulness).

Here’s just some of the best that was 2013 (according to some of the folks at Two Bright Lakes):

Two Bright Lakes’ Subjective Best of 2013:

Martin King (The Harpoons / Oscar+Martin / Fitness by Martin King):

Best track: Sampha / Too Much –  Or Beyonce / Bow Down.
Best album: (EP) Cassius Select – One
Best artworks: Zoe Croggon’s show Pool at West Space in August or Duce at Daine Singer Gallery (on now)
Best event: Dance Massive festival  in March. In particular, the dance pieces Dual by Stephanie Lake, and More or Less Concrete by Tim Darbyshire
Best moment: Finding out Beyonce had released an album with no warning.

Chris Bolton (Seagull):

Oneohtrix Point Never – R Plus Seven
The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records: Vol 1.
David Lynch – The Big Dream
Banoffee – Live at Grace Darling
Paddock – A Real Farmer cassette

Marcus Whale (Collarbones) – 20 tracks I lost my shit to this year:

Bring the Noize – M.I.A.
Airglow Fires – Lone
Cherry Coffee – Kelela
Bank Head – Kingdom/Kelela
Too Much – Drake/Sampha
Beneath the Tree – Sampha
Counting – Autre Ne Veut
Hush Bb – Le1f
Freak U Down – Ian Isiah
Jamo – Cassius Select
Sure Thing – Oscar Key Sung
Overgrown – James Blake
I Live In Fear – Cape North
Water Me – FKA Twigs
Everyone’s Girl – Major Napier
New Slaves – Kanye West
Rocket – Beyonce
Q.U.E.E.N. – Janelle Monae/Erykah Badu
Voices – Disclosure
Let It Go – DJ Rashad

Oscar O’Bryan + Tig Huggins (Speed Painters/Two Bright Lakes DJs)


Harvey Sutherland / Nexus / This Thing
Tornado Wallace / Thinking Allowed / ESP Institute
Andras Fox ft Oscar S. Thorn / Running Late / Dopeness Galore


Hanging with bros
Falling in love
Beautiful Swimmers – Son
Bill Callahan – Dream River
Toro Y Moi – Anything In Return
Laurel Halo – Chance of Rain
Kelela – Cut 4 Me
FKA Twigs – Water Me
Joy Orbison – Donell
Ruf Kutz – Sun After Rain
Harvey Sutherland
Andras Fox & Oscar Key Sung
Roland Tings
Mount Kimbie – Cold Spring Fault Less Youth
OMAR S – Thankyou for letting me be myself
Todd Terje
Everything that came out on BIS
Brother Hand Mirror – Picture Tape
All the TBL releases

Eva Popov + Peter Emptage (Hello Satellites):

Best track: Beach House – On the Sea
Best Album: Frank Ocean – Channel Orange
Best moment: First Attempts at Surfing
Best gig: Manny Fox – Workers Club

Jane Jervis-Read - Midnight Blue and Endlessly Tall book launch
Dane Certificate’s Magic Shows
Neil Young and Crazy Horse at Rod Laver Arena
Azalea James fashion label launch at The Carlton Club

Dave Browning (Seagull):
Original Shape video
Nick Huggins’ artwork for Ocean From Above cover

Blake Byron-Smith (Two Bright Lakes DJs):
Archer, best kid on earth.
Anish Kapoor show at MCA.
Arthur Russell – Another Thought (Vinyl release).
Andras Fox and Oscar S Thorn – Embassy Cafe.

Hazel Brown (Otouto):
Chela - Romanticise
Hiking – Wilsons Prom
Cinnamon Joy Animals – Podcast
Seagull’s album launch for Ocean From Above
Early Summer backyard cinema at Ramsden St

Nick Huggins:

Paddock (Pete Emptage) tape.
Giorgio Morandi still life painting at NGA.
Seagull album launch.
Banoffee ‘Ninja’ on a loud PA at a wedding.
John Coldabella piano pieces.
Playing my great grandmother’s violin.
The bowls in water sculpture in the foyer of the NGV (Celeste Boursier-Mougenot)

Banoffee at Club Kids at Melbourne Music Week (Photo - Thomas Walk @WeAreHobo)

Speed Painters live at ACCA Art Bar for Melbourne Music Week

Snakehips (UK) live at Liberty Social in September

Artwork for the Seagull 'Ocean From Above' cover, painted by Nick Huggins

Banoffee announced for Canadian Music Week

16 December 2013
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Thanks to all the lovely people who’ve shared the music, and blogs who’ve featured Ninja and Reign Down, Banoffee has caught the ear of Canadian Music Week’s festival organiser and has been announced to showcase as part of the conference/festival in Toronto this May.

Check out the line up of exciting artists and guest speakers here!

Seagull have released the second single ‘Original Shape’ from their critically acclaimed third album Ocean From Above, which has received great reviews nationally and seen Seagull join Whitley on tour around Australia. The band are playing a gig to celebrate the release of the new video for the single, directed by Laurens Goud at the Grace Darling Hotel in Collingwood on Saturday December 14th, 2013 with support from Lucy Roleff and Kieran Ryan (Kid Sam).


Ocean From Above is out now through Two Bright Lakes/ Remote Control on CD/Digital and and distributed by Inertia nationally. A vinyl edition of the album will be available for purchase soon.



14th December, 2013

  Grace Darling Hotel – Collingwood, VIC
w/ Kieran Ryan and Lucy Roleff

January 16th, 2014

Good God – Sydney, NSW

Praise for Seagull’s Ocean From Above:

“There are a few things that one can expect from a Seagull album: excellent guitar playing, Chris Bolton’s tremulous, double-tracked voice, and songs of mesmeric intensity. All of the above is present on Ocean From Above”
Edward Sharp-Paul, Faster Louder

“This is the kind of album that’s so good and engrossing that when you
miss your train stop on the ride home, you’ll be happy to have longer to zone out and just listen.”
Wilfred Brandt, Two Thousand

“Ocean From Above is the soundtrack to profound contemplation…it lilts, haunts and gently explores the intricacies of human nature”
Adam Langenberg, The AU Review
“The more time and space we allow ourselves to experience Ocean From Above, the more detail, strength, and beauty reveal itself.”
Maddy Mac, PBS

“Subtly brilliant and emotionally resonant”
Denham Sadler, Tone Deaf

It’s been a little while since 2010′s remarkable self-titled debut from Hello Satellites, and we’ve been itching to preview some of their new music for a little while now. Thankfully, the lovely people at The Music have premiered their new video, directed by the talented and prolific Alice Glenn and choreographed by her No Lights No Lycra cohort Heidi Barrett, it’s a captivating set piece set in a stark warehouse as we watch Hello Satellites’ Eva Popov bring forth beautiful music through sound and motion.  Take a look…

Watch: ‘Television Screens’ at

Thump have premiered the amazing new video for Oscar Key Sung‘s single ‘All I Could Do’ featuring the man himself  jogging through a 3D world. Like Thump says:

“It’s all set to a music video that traces the dopest jogging route I’ve ever seen—one that follows a white-shirted dude as he runs through a digital tableaux of po-faced Greek sculptures, spinning pyramids, and cloaked gremlins. It’s… much more exciting than a treadmill.”

Watch the video and read all about it at Thump

Two Bright Lakes are proud to release the first single from Hello Satellites‘ new album 84000, due out early next year through Two Bright Lakes. It’s a stunning song that builds on their work of their beautiful self-titled record, Eva’s uniquely identifiable voice standing out over top of a stunning arrangement of percussion, keys and strings.

Hello Satellites will launch Television Screens this Sunday November 24th at the Workers Club in Fitzroy with support from Karl Smith and Amy Alex and band. Don’t miss out on the chance to get a preview of their forthcoming album 84000 before it drops next year.

Listen to ‘Television Screens’ on the Home and Hosed’ blog

Facebook event



Two Bright Lakes are very excited to release Banoffee‘s second single ‘Reign Down’, premiered on US blog Pigeons and Planes. It’s an upfront immediate aural pleasure that’s been stuck in our head for months, we hope you enjoy it too.

Listen to ‘Reign Down’ at Pigeons and Planes

Catch Banoffee this Saturday at Club Kids at The Residence as part of Melbourne Music Week.

Praise for Reign Down:

“A velvety electro-R&B production… with a message just as striking as the track itself.” - PIGEONS AND PLANES

“A breathless slithering sneaker, sinking near-spoken word vocals with chopped beats and curse-filled choruses.” - THIS IS FAKE DIY


Melbourne Music Week kicked off right last Friday with a show from Melbourne indie label Mistletone and a host of great acts over the weekend, and this week we’re very excited to be putting on a bunch of great shows.

On Wednesday night the Harpoons will take over Boney for their Every’Boney show alongside Open Swimmer and Monnone Alone.

Friday night will see Speed Painters bring their slo-mo disco house music to ACCA’s Art Bar from 6:30pm, get down early to see the Tacita Dean ‘Film’ exhibition before it closes.

Saturday will see us takeover the Residence from 1pm – 4pm for Club Kids, with Oscar Key Sung, Banoffee, Two Bright Lakes DJs and NLNL DJs.

And don’t forget to catch our friends Silo Arts putting on their own unofficial MMW showcase at Workers Club with Martin King, Friendships and many more, this Thursday night.

Check out the MMW program for more great acts, and get down to the closing party next Sunday, where Fox+Sui’s Andras Fox will be DJing as well, with headliner Awesome Tapes From Africa.

What a ridiculously good week for music in Melbourne.

Zoe Croggon: Deuce at Daine Singer

14 November 2013
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Deuce is the second solo exhibition from stunning collage artist and good friend Zoe Croggon.

The exhibition runs 14th November – 21st December, with an opening celebration

on Saturday 16th November 3 – 5pm.

Basement 325 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000

Learn more about Zoe Croggon here

Read about it on the Age website here

For more info go to

Our friends at Polyester Records are celebrating 30 years in the record selling game, and what a tired old game it would be without stores like them supporting local independent music.

To mark the occasion, they’ve put together a daytime party event this Saturday at The Residence as part of Melbourne Music Week.

Featuring three greasy New Jersey goons, Personal & the Pizzas (US) are self-professed rock’n’rollin’, beer-swilling delinquents. Audiences can expect a doozy of a stage show, with the boys’ common antics involving whipping chains, throwing guitars, and hurling boiled tomatoes at the audience.

Producing psychedelic-pop with unexpected arrangements, Chris Cohen (US) carries an intimidating resume, having been a member of The Curtains, Cryptacize, Deerhoof and Natural Dreamers, and touring musician with White Magic, Cass McCombs, Haunted Graffiti and Danielson. A singing-drummer, Cohen also records his own bass, Casio MT65, piano, and guitar.

Post-punk and 70s influenced band Terrible Truths will offer ecstatic, intense pop songs while completing the party line-up are two of Melbourne’s favourite local acts – the guitar-wash, hair swinging Beaches and pulsating, energetic rockers New War.

PolyFest is co-presented with Polyester Records and Wing & Gill

Supported by Beat, Broadsheet, inthemix, Mess+Noise and Triple R

Beaches, Personal & The Pizzas (USA), New War, Chris Cohen (USA), Terrible Truths, Constant Mongrel, Super Wild Horses DJs and more!

Saturday November 16, 12-7pm at The Residence, Birrarung Marr, Melbourne.

Click here to book (while you still can)

The Harpoons are gearing up for a season full of summer bangers, with their debut album ‘Falling For You’ out in early 2014. Inspired by both old school and modern soul and RnB, its fitting that the band have recently recorded a cover of another RnB innovator, Solange, and her song ‘Losing You’.

But this one’s not your average cover – it’s marimbas and the big voice of Bec Rigby that lead the way on this unique take. Watch the video below and check out the Harpoons and their marimbas live at Boney Wednesday 20th November as part of Melbourne Music Week, alongside  Pascal Babare & Teeth and Open Swimmer…and you! The Harpoons will be inviting everyone in Boney to take part in an all in percussion/marimba jam. 

Get your tickets to the Boney gig here

Check out what Mess + Noise had to say about it here.

Watch them perform their cover of ‘Losing You’.

Currently over in the US, doing shows for CMJ and on tour with Haitus Kaiyote, Oscar Key Sung has just released his latest single ‘All I Could Do’, premiered on Pigeons and Planes blog. It’s a heartfelt banger that bodes well for the forthcoming EP out next year. Oscar has just been announced to play Golden Plains as well with Andras Fox, along with some other amazing artists, check out the full line-up here.

Listen to ‘All I Could Do’ premiere on Pigeons and Planes

Buy from iTunes


Seagull Live This Friday at Fort Delta and Howler

17 October 2013
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Following an amazing, packed show at the Northcote Social Club for the launch of new album ‘Ocean From Above‘, Seagull play two solo gigs this Friday with Whitley at the Pozible Pop Up space (with Ali Barter) at Fort Delta (Doors 5:30pm) and later on at Howler (Doors 8pm) as part of Whitley’s album launch tour.

Check out more about the Pozible gig on the event page and more from Whitley here.






Our friends at This Thing are putting together some vital releases and solid events (just ask anyone who went to the Sequence Festival), and their latest one is definitely worth checking out.

They’re launching it tonight at Shebeen alongside Max Crumbs, Kane Ikin and DJ Declan Kelly (Dream Kit), check out the details here.

Whimsical Raps is the new album from Wooshie and Galapagoose under their collaborative pseudonym Gil Michell. A long-form exercise in meditative arrangement and rhythmic deconstruction.

“New territory for both artists, no doubt about it. Or maybe even just straight up new territory. New ground being — oh so cooly — trod…” - Tiny Mix Tapes

“(‘No Friends‘) boasts a rubbery, 808 drum beat and a melodic, synth-like bass line. An almost orchestrated hook and some heavily-looped voice make this cut an abstract interpretation of ghetto house.” - Ad Hoc

Listen to a cut from Whimsical Raps, “No Friends”   //  Purchase now on 12″ / CD / Digital

01. Boy
02. Smuggle Me
03. Cashed Out
04. No Friends
05. Wristband Connection
06. Mariah
07. K-Factor
08. Heaven Kick
09. Dumb

LP Limited to 200 copies. Mastered by Mikey Young in Rye, Mornington.
Whimsical Raps is supported by the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria

Two Bright Lakes are very excited to be announced as a nominee in the Best Independent Label category in this year’s Carlton Dry Independent Music Awards, joining the wonderful Collarbones, who are nominated for Best Independent Dance. Electronica Album.

Taking place at Melbourne’s Revolt space Wednesday 9 October, Australia’s premiere independent music awards ceremony will feature performances by Archie Roach, Violent Soho, Saskwatch, Big Scary, Seth Sentry and RÜFÜS.

Find out more here and here and here.




Seagull ‘Ruby’ video premiere on Home and Hosed

19 September 2013
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‘Ruby’ is the first single from Seagull’s third full length album ‘Ocean from Above’ set for release on October 4 2013 through Two Bright Lakes/Remote Control and distributed nationally through Inertia. The beautiful video for the single, directed by Stephanie Boyle, premiered today on the Home and Hosed blog courtesy of Triple J’s Dom Alessio.

Featuring songs composed in the dark cabins of night trains and empty beaches, of unique characters and perspectives, Seagull’s third album Ocean From Above pushes Bolton’s songwriting to a new level, touching on joy, heartbreak, mania and toil, taking listeners to contemplative emotional places.

Melbourne Album Launch show:
Sunday October 6th at Northcote Social Club – Seagull (full band) w/ Grand Salvo (solo) and Footy – Doors 1:30pm

Seagull (solo) on tour with Whitley in October/November/December 2013

Hello Satellites 84 000 Pozible Campaign

17 September 2013
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Hello Satellites has spent the last few years working on an album called 84000. It takes the form of the pop song and uses it to tell stories of joy, projection, addiction and dreaming. As part of the release we would like to make two film clips to accompany the project. One clip will be working with ace film director Alice Glenn and choreographer Heidi Barrett, and the other will be working with Brian Cohen from Umbershoot. The artists have donated a lot of their time to keep costs to a minimum, and your donation will help cover the basic costs.

See the Pozible campaign

Two Bright Lakes is very excited to announce Snakehips (UK) first Melbourne show.

Try searching for pictures of Snakehips on the ‘net. Good luck. Following Daft Punk’s approach to image management, the Camden producers have chosen to keep their identities under wraps. But, it is still early days for the outfit, with minimal music released to date.

The pair’s fluency in crafting contemporary music informed by times gone by really struck a chord. They describe their sound as “inspired by golden-era hip-hop and R&B mixed with more modern production techniques”.

Snakehips’ slick compositions, encompassing disparate eras and sounds, reflect the result of a fine meeting of minds.

Supported by Two Bright Lakes Djs and Hip Hop Hotties

Tickets onsale through Moshtix $27+BF

Listen to the Snakehips Mix on Triple J’s Mixup

Listen to Hip Hop Hotties Mixtape

Hello and welcome, friends, listeners, visitors to our new website.

It’s been more than five years since we built the first one and the internet has changed quite a bit since then as you’re well aware. We want to thank everyone who got us to this point, including all of the artists and business collaborators that make this label/mob exist, Nick Huggins, Blake Byron-Smith and Adrian Simons for building, maintaining and providing technical assistance on the old website, Jess Allison and Patrick Campbell for creating this new one, and you, the people, our friends and our family, for encouraging us to keep this thing going.

It’s been a packed six years, with so many highlights that it would be impossible to name them all. In the months to come we are looking forward to new music from Seagull, Banoffee, Martin King, Hello Satellites, Oscar Key Sung, Nick Huggins, Speed Painters and more.

This new site will host all the information you could want about what’s happening in our world, in an easier to access way. We’ll be updating with events, music, images, stories as they come in, there’ll be new features to come as well, as it builds. It’s a lot easier to order multiple items from the shop, view things on your mobile device and generally swipe away to your heart’s content.

We hope you enjoy all that’s in store this future, we’re looking forward to showing it to you.

Happy listening,

Two Bright Lakes.

Where it all started...the A Pocket Full of Stones night at Horse Bazaar in 2007.

Two Bright Lakes Party in the rain (lots of rain) for Melbourne Music Week.

The Two Bright Lakes fifth birthday at Mercat with special guest Knxwledge.