Camp A Low Hum held it’s last ever event this year, and Seagull and Collarbones were there to witness it’s wet and wonderful demise. Chris Bolton from Seagull lays it out for us:

“It never stopped raining, a few stages had to be shut down, I hadn’t heard of most of the bands and it was the best festival ever. Each act brought something unique and intriguing to the table, from minimal techno to grunge to r & b to metal. Kangaroo Skull, The Golden Awesome and Bad Sav were my favourites. And the crowd were there for every performance, dancing or sitting in the rain, totally open to whoever was playing. It’s like the ‘no dickheads’ policy was imposed. The rainforest setting was incredible too. I highly recommend going to any future events organised by the A Low Hum oracle, Blink.”

Seagull onstage at Camp A Low Hum

Seagull live at Camp A Low Hum

Collarbones thank the people of New Zealand for having them at Camp A Low Hum

As well as absolutely smashing it at Camp A Low Hum (watch the videos by Village Video Co below for proof), Collarbones recently had their track ‘Cocooned’ appear in the film 52 Tuesdays, check the trailer below before the film is released on 1st May.  The lads have some new music on the way, keep listening for more news on that shortly.

Collarbones performing ‘Too Much’ at Camp A Low Hum

Collarbones perform ‘Hypothermia’ at Camp A Low Hum

‘Cocooned’ by Collarbones appears in new film ’52 Tuesdays’ out May 1st in Australia