Baby Riss Fundraiser w/ Collarbones, The Harpoons, Brothers Hand Mirror + more

The Toff in Town, Melbourne, VIC
10 Mar 2014

Baby Riss Fundraiser w/ Collarbones, The Harpoons, Brothers Hand Mirror + more

Cost $15 + bf / $20 on the door
7:00pm til Late

Collarbones, The Harpoons, Brothers Hand Mirror, Major Napier, DJs Andras Fox and Oscar Key Sung & a special interstate guest come together to Save Baby Riss!

The Harpoons are going to be encouraging thrilling new explorations into the shapes a human body can conjure on the dancefloor. Keeping it simple and well performed is the ethic with The Harpoons as it is allowed to be when you have such percussive happy go lucky guitar warbling accompqanied by a voice that is actually made of pure daylight.

Brothers Hand Mirror are also in the ranks with their sickeningly dank tape loops engineered by Oscar Key Sung being ridden with irresponsible glee by the shrill voiced, glitter endorsed HTMLflowers. Expect a new free issue of HTMLflowers’ comix series Bright Threadz and beware you don’t sweat them to shreds in your back pocket on the d-floor, it has happened before.

Major Napier‘s constant undulating synth arrangements maternally (erm? Is Johnny Ross okay with havinf maternally used to describe their vocals? Bit weird) catered to by Johnny Ross’ sleek, climbing voice will be bringing the night into ceremony with sterling harmony. Organically humming and pummeling, his beats create an atmosphere of euphoria made honorable by the remembrance of past regrets and love lost.

DJ sets by Andras Fox & Oscar Key Sung.

All of these acts are coming together in support of the campaign to save Baby Riss. Over the Christmas holidays, 19 year old Isabelle “Baby” Ruiz was diagnosed with a rare life threatening blood disease called aHUS. Since the illness is so rare there has not been a precedent for the government to subsidize the life saving medication needed to treat this illness. Currently it is costing Baby 20,000 dollars a fortnight for her treatment, despite the fact that she is an Australian citizen. That’s 600,000 dollars a year. In July a petition urging the Federal Government goes through to cover the medication Eculizumab, which would not just change Baby’s life but also the lives of many other Australians struggling with illnesses that would be treated by this miracle drug. Up until July the diligent network of friends, family and artists (Le1f & Cakes Da Killa to name a few) working to support Baby must raise over 200,000 dollars. All of the proceeds from this event will go towards treatment for young Baby Riss.

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