Baths supported by Collarbones +more

Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, VIC
21 Mar 2014

Baths supported by Collarbones +more

Cost $35
8:00pm til Late

Presented by Astral People

Baths (US), Collarbones, Rainbow Chan, Astral Huggz

Baths (Will Wiesenfeld) has been taking the world by storm with his beautiful, ambient electronica and is sure to blow away audiences at his upcoming Sydney show at Oxford Art Factory.

Baths is the intricate electronic pop project of Los Angeles-area producer Will Wiesenfeld, also of [Post-Foetus] and Geotic. Growing up in California’s San Fernando Valley, Wiesenfeld began making music at an early age, with his parents enrolling him in music lessons at age four (athis insistence). He began recording his own music in his early teens, but found his true inspiration after discovering Bj rk’s music. Wiesenfeld taught himself guitar, contra bass, and viola and developed a quirky, layered production style, mixing sounds like clicking pens and running water with electronics and live instruments. His first project — which he began while still in his teens — was [Post-Foetus], but he soon began crafting ambient compositions under the name Geotic, and eventually added the Baths moniker to the fold. Wiesenfeld was also invited by the like-minded producer Daedelus to play at the L.A. venue Low End Theory and became a regular performer at the club. Baths signed to Anticon Records in 2009, and the debut album Cerulean followed in 2010. Illness and Wiesenfeld’s wish to perform with a full band informed his second album, 2013′s Obsidian, a set of songs that was darker and more direct than his earlier music.