Naysayer & Gilsun w/ TBL DJs and Otologic

Hi Fi Bar, Melbourne, VIC
27 Sep 2013

Naysayer & Gilsun w/ TBL DJs and Otologic

Cost $31.50
10:30pm til Late

To celebrate the forthcoming release of the All That Good Work/Blue EP, late-night curators Naysayer & Gilsun will be taking their visceral live show throughout Australia in September and October.

After bonding over a shared love of “lm and music in high school, Melbourne duo Luke Neher and Sam Gill began producing and DJing together at the tender age of 16.

All That Good Work/Blue is the two-track follow-up to last year’s acclaimed In Mind single, coming out on Modular imprint Club Mod.

The new material is built on the interplay between organic and digital sounds, each track existing somewhere between your headphones and the club.

And the club is Naysayer & Gilsun’s next stop, as they celebrate their debut EP’s release in major cities with performances of their live audio-visual show, NGTV, as well as DJ sets alongside friends such as Otologic, wordlife and Two Bright Lakes DJs. NGTV takes music from across the electronic spectrum, meshes it with dreamy “lm sequences, and splashes it across a giant 20-foot screen in glorious high definition.

French new wave obscurities, Hollywood blockbusters and deep grooves play alongside each other. Like a rave in a cinema, it’s a weird, wonderful and totally immersive experience, one that’s been called “some kind of mind fuck” (Music Universe).

NGTV has sold out Melbourne’s Hi-Fi Bar and Where?House project, and tripped out the crowds at festivalssuch as Golden Plains (2012), Field Day (2013), and Sugar Mountain (2013). It’s an audio-visual treat, not to be missed.