Seagull + Nick Huggins + WWYAL + Paddock

Agnes St, Thornbury, VIC
22 Jun 2014

Seagull + Nick Huggins + WWYAL + Paddock

Cost $7

Seagull, Nick Huggins, Where Were You At Lunch and Paddock are raising funds for food and amps for an artist’s residency in Taiwan. Mulled wine will also be available… for a price. The price is your soul. Or around $3 a cup. *Arvo – Not the Pärt variety, the occerism of afternoon variety. Although Pärt may be played in the background…for a price. You know what the price is.

Estimates of playing times with a standard error of 14 minutes.

3.45- 4.30 — paddock

5- 5.45 — nick

6.30- 7 — wwyal

8-whenevs — seagull