Ultimate XXXperience w/ Harpoons, Friendships, Forces + more

Centrefold Lounge, Melbourne, VIC
21 Jun 2014

Ultimate XXXperience w/ Harpoons, Friendships, Forces + more

Cost $10

Paradise presents ULTIMATEXXXPERIENCE curated by friendships

The Harpoons
Electric Sea Spider

friendships are throwing their first ever party!! Having played over 150 gigs, the audio/visual duo are curating their first lineup. They have selected the 5 performers they believe have the strongest live acts in Melbourne and have coupled that with the decadent venue that is Centerfold Lounge (yep, the strip club). friendships will take the pre-existing d├ęcor at Centerfold and addition it with a site-specific installation on the stage. The afternoon will feature live performances from recent collaborators The Harpoons, old mate Electric Sea Spider, industrial boys Forces and DJ sets from bloody legends 2Fuddha and Fletch.