Our friends at This Thing are putting together some vital releases and solid events (just ask anyone who went to the Sequence Festival), and their latest one is definitely worth checking out.

They’re launching it tonight at Shebeen alongside Max Crumbs, Kane Ikin and DJ Declan Kelly (Dream Kit), check out the details here.

Whimsical Raps is the new album from Wooshie and Galapagoose under their collaborative pseudonym Gil Michell. A long-form exercise in meditative arrangement and rhythmic deconstruction.

“New territory for both artists, no doubt about it. Or maybe even just straight up new territory. New ground being — oh so cooly — trod…” - Tiny Mix Tapes

“(‘No Friends‘) boasts a rubbery, 808 drum beat and a melodic, synth-like bass line. An almost orchestrated hook and some heavily-looped voice make this cut an abstract interpretation of ghetto house.” - Ad Hoc

Listen to a cut from Whimsical Raps, “No Friends”   //  Purchase now on 12″ / CD / Digital

01. Boy
02. Smuggle Me
03. Cashed Out
04. No Friends
05. Wristband Connection
06. Mariah
07. K-Factor
08. Heaven Kick
09. Dumb

LP Limited to 200 copies. Mastered by Mikey Young in Rye, Mornington.
Whimsical Raps is supported by the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria