LISTEN: Collarbones ‘Return’ album out now

28 November 2014
Posted in News & Releases

Collarbones‘ long-awaited third album Return is out now to stream and download, and on limited-edition vinyl.

Return is an album of 9 songs that documents the erratic mood swings which come after a break up and the narcissism that follows. It deals with the fantasies surrounding love, and hones in on harsh realities. Collarbones have often played with the idea of genre and this album sees the band delving in many directions, in order to find their own way forward. The sincere sound of Return bridges the Teen Idol meditations found on earlier albums and solidifies Collarbones as a true gift to listeners.

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“It’s every bit as ambitious, adventurous, clever and considered as we’ve come to expect, except even more so.”

“Collarbones are a force all of their own. On Return they can be heard switching it up from down-tempo pop tunes to straight-up acid house jams in the space of a heartbeat. Their take on club music, dance music, electronic music, whatever you wish to call it, is removed from trend and focused entirely on making ears tingle and feet move.”
Sevana Ohandjanian, The Music

“An act like Collarbones – on paper alone – is indicative of what is able to be achieved in a musical sense in the 21st century. Return marks perhaps the most complete realisation of the duo’s capabilities on record thus far.”
Tom Mann, Faster Louder

“Return pushes on from 2012′s Die Young, taking its songs to extremes: whether that be Turning’s diva-house dancefloor mania or Flush’s creeping ambience.”
Anthony Carew, Sydney Morning Herald

“Collarbones’ vision of electronic pop – characterised by Whales’ emotional vocals swimming in different pools of moody soundscapes and lit by skittish dancefloor-tailored beats – feels completely and utterly modern.”
Dylan McCarthy, Tone Deaf