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23 September 2014
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For over a year now, The Harpoons have been hard at work on their debut LP ‘Falling For You,’ now streaming exclusively on DIY Magazine ahead of its release this Friday September 26 on digital and limited 12″ vinyl.

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The Wild Honey Pie described the first single from the album — “Unforgettable” – as “pretty close to perfection.” The video, which premiered in April on SPIN, features frontwoman Bec Rigby up close and personal, belting out her love-stricken lyrics with eyes closed. Pigeons and Planes later featured the clip and praised the track for its ”perfect amount of heartache and soul.”

All Things Go premiered another new track from the band last month – a velvety slow jam called ”Can We Work This Out“ that showcases a different side to the band. Where “Unforgettable” is spunky and uplifting, “Can We Work This Out” is reflective and solemn, with Martin King on silky lead vocals while Bec Rigby‘s are only sprinkled on top throughout. In the clip, directed by Aussie musician / visual artist Becky Sui Zhen, King and Rigby pose together against a pulsing pastel backdrop. Their movements seem to be in slow motion, an effect that accentuates the dejected spirit of the track in a mesmerizing way. Clash had the premiere.

“Can We Work This Out” was also later included on Dazed & Confused Magazine‘s August 2014 playlist alongside new music from Beyonce and Nicki, Vessel, Young Thug, La Roux and more.

Falling For You‘ is out September 26th through Two Bright Lakes and Remote Control Records on digital and limited edition 12″ vinyl.

The Harpoons – ‘Falling For You’

01 Unforgettable
02 Falling For You
03 Never Stop Loving You
04 Easy
05 Can We Work This Out
06 Ring Ring
07 Hold On A Minute
08 Walk Away
09 Keep You Around
10 Don’t Say My Name

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“The venue filled up quickly, and as opposed to most other BIGSOUND shows I attended,
no one was leaving because they had another band to catch. How could you possibly
leave when The Harpoons are on?… The love in the room was palpable…
Melbourne’s best kept secret won’t be a secret for much longer.”
Tim Shiel, Something More / Double J

“Perhaps the only band in the history of music who could be described as both RnB AND RnB.
You know how someone says “RnB” about Beyonce or Aaliyah or whatever and someone else says
“that’s not RnB… RnB is Ray Charles”? Well The Harpoons somehow manage to be both.”
Aunty Meredith