In 2015, Two Bright Lakes celebrates it’s 8th year of existence, and announces that it will no longer be releasing new music through the label.

We will continue to support all current releases and back catalogue digitally and physically where available via Remote Control and Inertia. Over nearly a decade we have released exciting and next-level music by some of Australia’s most talented independent artists including Banoffee, Oscar Key Sung, Collarbones, The Harpoons, Kid Sam and Nick Huggins among many more.

The spirit of Two Bright Lakes lives on in new independent venture Little Lake Records, it’s first release the new album Decaying Bell from one of Two Bright Lakes’ founders, Nick Huggins.

To celebrate eight years of Two Bright Lakes, we have decided to go out the way we came, with a big party for ‘all our friends to go bang‘. Featuring performances by many of Two Bright Lakes current and alumni roster, it’s going to be a night to remember on April 10th at Schoolhouse Studios, with more details to be announced in the coming weeks.

Two Bright Lakes had it’s beginnings in 2007 at an event held at Melbourne venue Horse Bazaar, showcasing the work of writers, musicians, visual artists and animators, and from that event, six people decided to form a collective to better distribute the work that we made. The collective developed over the next couple of years to become a fully-fledged independent record label with the assistance of initial partners Fuse, then Remote Control and Inertia.

A Pocket Full of Stones Event Poster

The label has gone from strength to strength as we took on some of Australia’s most exciting and innovative artists, making music that for us and many of our listeners was at the forefront in it’s respective genre or style. We’ve been so proud to watch the evolution of the artists involved, like Banoffee, who we first heard making quiet ballads on piano, then as a part of Otouto, and now taking on the world solo, with her amazing songwriting and performances.

We are eternally grateful to have been supported by such a vibrant community of artists, music lovers, labels and creative businesses that stretch beyond our spiritual home of Melbourne to cities and towns all round AustraliaNew Zealand, UK, Europe, Asia and the US. We’ve met some incredible people along the way, some who have turned into lifelong friends.

An immense thank you to all our artists who have released music through us since 2007, there is no label community without you: Nick Huggins, Seagull, Touch Typist, Hazel Brown, Kid Sam, Psuche, Otouto, Hello Satellites, Oscar+Martin, Collarbones, Dream Kit, Batrider, Nick Huggins, The Harpoons, Galapagoose, Fox+Sui, Martin King, Oscar Key Sung, Banoffee, Sui Zhen, Total Giovanni and Brendan Welch.

Two Bright Lakes artists, 2007-2015

Thank you to the other founders of the label Nick Huggins, Chris Bolton, Mark Gretton and Adrian Simons for putting the time in all those years ago to build something. Special thanks to the legendary Nick who has been at the centre of so many of the productions released through the label, a man with golden ears and heart.

In no particular order, and apologies to anyone we’ve missed out on, thank you Remote Control, Inertia, Fuse, Caitlin Pasko, Dave Benge and Mikey Watkins at Drunken Piano, Roo at Rood Media, School House Studios, Simeon, Justin and Michael from Horse Bazaar days, Hugs&Kisses, This Thing, Wooshie, The Toff, Honkytonks, Chapter Records, Astral People, Lost and Lonesome, Polyester Records, Mobile Industries, Northside Records, Penny Drop, To And Fro, Sugar Mountain Festival, Mess+Noise, Doug Wallen, Darren Levin, The Thousands, Broadsheet, FasterLouder, Beat, InPress, The Music, ABC Art Nation, The Vine, Triple R, PBS, Triple J, A Pocket Full of Stones, City of Melbourne, City of Yarra, Marcus Thaine and Spotify Australia, Feral Media, Ben T-D, Against the Arctic, Nick Hoare, Emily Ulman, Woody McDonald, Meredith and Golden Plains, Declan Kelly, Richard Campbell, Simon Winkler, Lauren Taylor, Luke Pocock, Kim Jirik, Dom Alessio, Zan Rowe, Steph Hughes, Richard and Anita at Way Over There, Adam Yee, Sounds Australia, Elizabeth Barnett, Alice Glenn, Colin Trechter, Dylan Wiehahn, Sherwin Akbarzadeh, Genevieve Bailey, Lucy Fahey, Justin Mclean, Josh Aylett and Mahmood Fazal, Cornelius Brown, Stephanie Boyle, Emily Wormley, Annelise Hickey and Ruby Fiedler, Brian Cohen, SPOD, Ryan Alexander Lloyd, Michelle Tran Paul Philipson, Lucy Spartalis, Tim Shiel, Ben Gook, Jon Tjhia, Oscar O’Bryan, Andy Cowan, Darren Sanicki, Meredith and everyone at Darkwave, Nick O’Byrne and everyone at AIR, AMIN, Mariel Beros and everyone who took part in the RELEASE program, Denise Foley, Big Sound, the Australia Council for their support and all the amazing independent labels and artists putting out music in Australia (and everyone we forgot to thank who has ever helped us).

Massive thanks to our family, friends and loved ones especially Philip, Lizzie, Fleur, Steph, Lizzie, John, Robyne, Lara and Lucas, for all their support and understanding, you are patient and wonderful people, and we couldn’t run an indie record label without you.

A special thank you to all the media outlets, magazines, radio shows, websites, blogs, editors, freelance writers, photographers and fellow music nerds who supported the label over the years, for reading our press releases, and giving us editorial space, features, interviews.

A special thank you also to Remote Control, we would never have gotten this far without you, so thanks Harvey, Steve, Lorrae, Dan, Sweetie, Kate, Maq, Vanja, Rob, Maya, Nicole, Adam and everyone who came through this wonderful institution that supports so many independent Australian acts.

Two Bright Lakes releases

We’re really looking forward to hearing new music this year and beyond from Banoffee, Sui Zhen, Oscar Key Sung, Brendan Welch, The Harpoons, Collarbones, Hello Satellites, Seagull, Martin King and Speed Painters, as we continue to support their previous releases. We’re incredibly proud to be able to be a part of each of the carefully selected releases on TBL, they are all works worthy of wider attention, and are important historical documents in the ongoing development of each artist’s body of work.

So, thank you most of all, to everyone of you out there supporting independent music with your hearts, souls and hard earned dollars, keep listening and supporting as you do, look forward to seeing you at the party on April 10th at Schoolhouse Studios.
Blake, Hazel and Tig.
Two Bright Lakes

Two Bright Lakes Go Bang!
Friday 10 April 2015
Schoolhouse Studios 
Rupert St, Collingwood


Kid Sam
The HarpoonsNick Huggins
Brendan Welch
Hello Satellites
Two Bright Lakes DJs

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