THUMP has premiered the SPOD directed video for new Collarbones single “Turning” from their long-awaited third album ‘Return,’ set for release November 2014 through Two Bright Lakes / Remote Control Records in AU.

WATCH Collarbones ‘Turning’ video on THUMP

“The Collarbones clip hemorrhages neon patterns, contemporary fashion, and Internet art detritus over a broken beat with a pinched R&B vocal–in other words, it’s an opus of contemporary genius.”

SPOD‘s whirlwind video features Marcus Whale, Travis Cook and friends performing among the iconic trappings of nineties dance music videos, lit by the dawn light of the internet. The single “Turning” sees Marcus Whale referencing ’90s diva house in an unbridled tribute to joyful feelings of renewal. It’s an upfront and club-friendly taste of forthcoming album ‘Return,’ which will feature special guest spots and genre-defying tracks that will stay with you throughout the year and beyond.

Collarbones - ‘Return’ will be released November 14 2014 via Two Bright Lakes / Remote Control Records.

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