Atlantis 2014



Collarbones release the ‘Atlantis 2014′ mixtape featuring single ‘Burnout’ and four new tracks from the ever evolving cross-border collaborators. Premiered on US blog Pigeons and Planes, they had this to say about the new tracks from the gents, ahead of the duo’s third album to be released later this year through Two Bright Lakes:

“A rich, gooey bass pulsates through “Sinkhole,” while “The Place” rides some icy synths and “Atlantis 2014″ will blow the dust out of your speakers immediately. Basically, it’s a lot of fun, positioning Collarbones as much more than just another alt-R&B act.

Praise for Atlantis 2014

“Collarbones have explored a dark and versatile array of new sounds, while retaining their eccentric alternative R&B structures, creating an EP that not only delivers moving and emotive tracks, but goes out of its way to discover a sound that will be new to their existing fans.”

The Ripe

“Collarbones are probably making the most innovative RnB music in Australia at the moment.”

The Interns

“There's the current explosion of Aussies putting out some amazing dance and electronic music and then there's Collarbones, who exist in their own unique aural genre, which can only be described with the ever so slightly superior FUCKMAZING.”

V Music


  1. The Place
  2. Peaking
  3. Atlantis 2014
  4. Sinkhole
  5. Burnout