Falling For You
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‘Falling For You’ is the long awaited debut album from Melbourne 4-piece The Harpoons, an Australian four-piece from Melbourne whose ‘genre-bending melodies’ and ‘old-school soul vocals’ channel the best of RnB, Soul and Pop music and bring their own unforgettable charm. Theirs is a respectful approach that acknowledges a rich history of soul and RnB, but resides in the hybrid musical landscape of today.

Brothers Henry and Jack Madin write undeniable boppers and ballads that burst with harmony and a shared knowledge only siblings seem capable of. Torch singer Bec Rigby’s arresting ‘vocal variations harmonize seamlessly’ and melt hearts while Martin King (Oscar and Martin, Fitness By Martin King) ties everything together with his steezy beats and sultry vocals. It’s the harmonies and undeniable melodies that envelop you when the Harpoons are on stage, one that houses bespoke marimbas and pentatones, deftly handled guitars, and analogue and digital drums like two hearts beating.

Featuring singles ‘Unforgettable’ and ‘Can We Work This Out’, ‘Falling For You’ is an album beautifully crafted to endure, with songs and hooks that’ll stay with you this summer and beyond.

‘Falling For You’ is available now on iTunes and and limited edition 12″ vinyl (order vinyl now from Bandcamp).

Praise for The Harpoons

“The Melbourne outfit puts an experimental spin on the usual electro-soul fare, combining delicate boy-girl vocals with sleepy twinkling synths to create a strangely — but in a very good way — smooth track. Prepare to be mesmerized...”

All Things Go

“Bec’s vocal variations harmonize seamlessly around the sanguine lyrical revelations and genre-bending melodies.”

Saint Heron

“Unforgettable wafts into your ears with Bec Rigby's flawless soul vocal before it leaps into a world of swagger and steez. Oh yes, this is what I've been waiting for. If that ain't enough, the song just builds and builds. Try and sit still while this plays. It's my Catch of the Day today.”

Zan Rowe, Triple J


  1. Unforgettable
  2. Falling For You
  3. Never Stop Loving You
  4. Easy
  5. Can We Work This Out
  6. Ring Ring
  7. Hold On A Minute
  8. Walk Away
  9. Keep You Around
  10. Don't Say My Name