Five Lights
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Five Lights is a solitary and quietly joyful celebration of acute sensory experiences. A multi format work centred around an album of short songs inspired by the ability of simple things to be immediately understood but slowly appreciated.

Coming out of a period of intense collaboration as a producer on records by Hello Satellites, Oscar + Martin and Mick Turner, Nick retreated for months to write and explore the build up of ideas and reactions since 2007′s Shipwreck LP.

Nick had a series of rules and constrictions from which to work including treating sounds as characters that can passively exist, which in practice resulted in moments of gentle discordance juxtaposed with melodic beauty. Nick’s approach seeks to draw attention to small sounds and values simple ideas that gain meaning the more they are considered.  The album has a palette largely restricted to national guitar, home made electronics, massed recorder, firewood percussion, piano, string synthesiser and voice.

A limited release of ‘Five Lights On Port Philip Bay’ was available which contained a small book of words and a cassette of instrumental guitar pieces (both sold out), that were created in the same time period as Five Lights.  Further work, including videos for each song (among them an incredible hand drawn animation by Lucy Fahey) can be found at the links below.


Praise for Nick Huggins

“Nick Huggins is one of the new breed of producer/engineer/recording artists who's made his mark producing consistently interesting and great sounding records for others as well as himself…His records have a real sense of space and dimension and often seamlessly integrate organic and electronic instrumentation to make music that is modern but also full of human emotion. ”

Greg Walker, Audio Technology Magazine Issue 80

“'Iceberg' illustrates why he has moved into film composition; with the tone of each instrument perfectly evoking the emotion and place of the track, whilst you hang on each of his softly spoken words. ”

Auditor Records Blog

“'Shipwreck' comes out as a rare thing: a careful and thoughtful record that doesn’t sound laboured; a record that makes a mess of that (nonsense) distinction between ‘acoustic’ and ‘electronic’ music; a record that uses the (home) studio as an instrument but doesn’t rely on it. It’s one of the freshest local releases this year." ”

Ben Gook (Mess+Noise) on Shipwreck LP


  1. Possum
  2. Diamond
  3. Hail
  4. Divers
  5. Golden Hour
  6. Iceberg
  7. Firework
  8. Sleeping Figure
  9. Hoddle Street
  10. Outside

Films by Nick Huggins from 'Five Lights on Port Philip Bay'