Got It



While showcasing Banoffee’s special sense for pop and R’n'B hooks and harmonies, ‘Got It’ taps deep into Martha Brown’s songwriting skills. ‘Got It’ expresses fragility and complexity, strength and disillusionment and empowers both the singer and the listener in one cool swoop. Perfectly balanced with quirky, synth pop of the ‘80s and early millennium (think Paul Simon meets Lauryn Hill), the delicate vocals bring the fierce lyrics so that every one of Banoffee’s songs become a vessel of empowerment for not only herself, but also the listener.

Banoffee’s debut self-titled EP is available now through Two Bright Lakes/Remote Control.

Praise for Banoffee

“'Got It' encapsulates Banoffee’s dulcet R&B, made of minimalistic retro drum machines, ephemeral synths and wonderfully performed vocals.””

The Line of Best Fit

“The impeccable production in the track takes the listener gently by the hand, guiding them through a rhythmic, self-reflecting mix, and it’s the perfect amount of melodic lyrics and abstract percussion to keep them on the edge. The ghostly lyrics, too, repeat inside the listener’s mind, and dig deeper with every bar.”

Hilly Dilly

“Simple, effective, incapable of fucking about - it’s a proper Aussie-stamped triumph. ”


“'Got It' combines aspects of old-school R&B and pop with flickery beats and down-pitched vocals to create a track that is brooding and jittery on the one hand, while still exuding the warmth and liveliness that Banoffee is known for. 

Indie Shuffle


  1. Got It