Hello Satellites
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Hello Satellites began life as a solo project in chief songwriter Eva Popov’s suburban shed before taking fully fledged form as a studio collaboration with Two Bright Lakes in-house producer Nick Huggins.

Together, they have crafted a debut album that has depth and brevity without forgetting the joy and lightness that can be created from a pop hook. Hello Satellites create ecstatic flashes of pop reverie full of handclaps, layered vocals and string section amongst quieter, more introspective moments.

The music is both subtle and exciting; based around lyrical themes of motherhood, suburban alienation, urban growth and their inevitable effects both psychological and environmental.


Praise for Hello Satellites

“Eva Popov has managed to write one of the most heart-shatteringly glorious albums I've heard in a very very long time. I cannot stop listening. ”

Clare Bowditch

“Delicate, distinctive melodies and the beautiful vocals of Eva Popov combine to create memorable, and moving songs. ”

Simon Winkler, RRR


  1. Out There
  2. Building A Wall
  3. If I Had A Kite
  4. Fugue
  5. Million Motors
  6. The Tree
  7. Interlude
  8. Heartbeat Fast As A Rabbit
  9. How To Break Gravity
  10. Stars Are You Sirens
  11. Pelican