Oscar Key Sung has been a busy man of late, between tours with Autre Ne Veut and Ghost Poet he’s had his tracks and remixes raved about on Pitchfork and coveted by the likes of Saint Heron and Hudson Mohawke. After a series of singles and remixes Oscar Key Sung finally releases his debut EP via Two Bright Lakes.

The Holograms EP is a collection of tracks including singles It’s Coming, All I Could Do and Holograms which demonstrate the depth of talent Key Sung has shown in his relatively short time playing solo. From infectious dancefloor workouts to r-n-b slow jams, this is distinctly modern songwriting taking cues from diverse muses, absorbing them and  then re-approaching them once more from a different angle. The EP features sounds that wouldn’t be out of place in a late night deep house track and lines that would make Usher blush, usually all in the one song. While Key Sung features some distinct elements of modern r-n-b it always sounds like Oscar, there are no tropes here, just beautiful songs.

The Holograms EP hints at the depth of Key Sung’s work to date, a snapshot in time of a fine songwriter maturing with his craft and it’s a sign of a very bright future.

With a slot at Golden Plains, a tour with Gold Panda and a return to the Boiler Room TV stage in the coming weeks, Oscar Key Sung’s star is rising, the world awaits.

Praise for Oscar Key Sung

“when outstanding production is married with outstanding vocals and lyrics, the relationship between the elements transform from ‘track’ to ’song’ and in this case the results are, well pretty mind-blowing.”

Repeat Button (on 'All I Could Do')

“one of the smoothest slow jams you’ll ever come across. His uniquely emotive vocals are a perfect fit for the track’s make-up of downtempo beats and shivering synths, resulting in a perfect example of how R&B should be made.”

Indie Shuffle (on 'Holograms')

“Key Sung kicks a skipping beat alongside pitched-down samples, steel drum progressions and his own smoky crooning, but "All I Could Do" angles for the club, not the bedroom.”

Pitchfork (on 'All I Could Do')

“whether it's with Oscar + Martin or Brothers Hand Mirror or his smattering of random collaborations or - and especially - his solo project, Oscar is one of this country's most adventurous young musicians.”

The Vine


  1. It's Coming
  2. It's Gone
  3. Holograms
  4. Skin
  5. So Here
  6. All I Could Do