Ocean From Above
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Following on from acclaimed albums, Goodbye Weather and Council Tree, and his lauded solo EP debut, Seagull release their third full length album, Ocean From Above, self-produced by Chris Bolton and mixed by Colin Leadbetter (Whitley, Dirt Farmer).

Evolving since 2006, Seagull is a band fronted by songwriter and classically trained guitarist Chris Bolton, based in Melbourne, Australia. His first EP caught the ears of radio presenters across the country, including Zan Rowe who described single Train Tracks as “…beautiful stuff. This guy is definitely one to watch.”

Moving away slightly from the intensity of moments on sophomore album Council Tree, Ocean From Above lulls listeners with it’s delicate arrangements and meditative spaces.  The first single Ruby is accompanied by a languid, haunting video by photographer and filmmaker Stephanie Boyle, featuring a cool morning canoe journey on Swan Bay.  Bolton sings songs composed in the dark cabins of night trains and empty beaches, songs about overworked taxi drivers and farmer’s wives, pre-emptive breakups, solitary singing and distortions from the void, pushing his songwriting to a new level, touching on joy, heartbreak, mania and toil, taking listeners to contemplative emotional places.

Ocean From Above is an emotionally and musically rich album from a songwriter and band that have honed their craft over several acclaimed releases, touring with such luminaries as Seeker Lover Keeper, Bearhug, Whitley and Kid Sam.

PBS Feature Record of the Week October 2013

Praise for Seagull, Ocean From Above

“This is the kind of album that's so good and engrossing that when you miss your train stop on the ride home, you'll be happy to have longer to zone out and just listen.”

Wilfred Brandt, Two Thousand

“Ocean From Above is the soundtrack to profound contemplation...it lilts, haunts and gently explores the intricacies of human nature.”

Adam Langenberg, The AU Review

“The more time and space we allow ourselves to experience Ocean From Above, the more detail, strength, and beauty reveal itself.”

Maddy Mac, PBS

“Subtly brilliant and emotionally resonant”

Denham Sadler, Tone Deaf


  1. Ruby
  2. Original Shape
  3. Written Word
  4. Fading Away
  5. All For One
  6. Burning Bright
  7. Anhedonia
  8. Unclaimed Luggage
  9. It's Spring
  10. Broth