Piles of Lies



Two Bright Lakes is proud to bring to your ears Piles of Lies, the fourth album from one of Wellington’s finest bands, Batrider.

Piles Of Lies consists of 16 songs written during and about terse and joyous times.Piles of Lies sounds like fun, struggling, messing around, pouring your heart and soul into something or just trying something on a whim, getting drunk, getting sober, smoking too many cigarettes, swearing off junk food for life, being ashamed of greasy hair, eating supermarket bread and cheese picnics in the backyard when you have no money, sleeping in your friends’ bed while they sleep on the couch, spending 191 days a year in a van in foreign countries with two other bandmates and one ipod, and making best friends with someone for one day and never seeing them again. Things went wrong over the course of the writing of these songs, but things also went right, and you can hear it all bubbling over in a confusing and compelling mess, plainly and cryptically revealed in the lyrics, expressed wildly and deliberately by the band as a whole.

Recorded with Kynan Lawlor in Adelaide after the band returned to Australia broke and manic, Piles of Lies is unmistakably Batrider; vaguely New Zealand sounding, indelibly by people who remember the 90s, irritated and amused, depressed and fantastic.  The band’s first release as a three piece consists of the bands finest song-writing to date, and somehow gains power and immediacy with the more stripped back line-up.

RTR Feature album / Radio Adelaide feature album

Praise for Batrider

“Stripped down to the three-piece they were always meant to be...Batrider crystallises that bipolar emotional pressure that distinguished them as a band unafraid of expressing the worst parts of being alive..Piles of Lies gives you a full 16 tracks in all their chaotic, loose-ended brilliance" Mess+Noise "This album is further proof that Batrider has found its place in Adelaide landscape. You get the feeling that both albums will be remembered as landmarks in Adelaide grunge/punk .........Track listing: ”

The Thousands

“As brutal as they are melodic, and as abhorrent as they are beautiful, Batrider presents wonderfully destructive images, backed by guitars that will slice at your heart, then turn around and pummel the fuck out of it”

Drum Media Sydney


  1. Sweaty Magee
  2. Hand Cream
  3. Howzatt
  4. Hold a grudge
  5. Just another person
  6. Piles of Lies
  7. Things are
  8. Come down
  9. Test of time
  10. Shine your light
  11. Jan Power
  12. Chunk
  13. Stacked in the corner
  14. Chris Drabsch
  15. Silver linings
  16. Take me for a ride