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The five Melbourne wonder kids that came together to form Psuche are born of a generation not concerned with genre or music norms – this is the work of a musically mature band sitting left of the pop centre.

The Psuche LP is a demonstration of their free pop aesthetic where ecstatic moments of reverie sit comfortably next to the sombre dreamlike confessions of vocalist Oscar Slorach Thorn. It is an album of great detail and drive, sonically and compositionally it reaches for areas outside indie pop, but always with popular music as it’s counterpoint. The Psuche LP is startling in it’s imagination and is profoundly joyful.

“The songs featured from their forthcoming album are bravely odd, beautiful, severe and poetic. The songs arise from lush and brutal landscapes like icebergs in a thawing sea. Amazing stuff.”
- Andy Hazel, Inpress

“Psuche is joyful, it’s instant, but don’t think it will just yield – this music wears a cloak. It’s this protean quality that will offer up new things to discover the many times you return to this album.”
- Lawson Fletcher, Mess + Noise

Five piece Psuche have crafted a nugget of sheer beauty…Psuche the long player traverses electronica, rock, noise, ukulele pop, free jazz and folk, the stark ramblings and high pitched vocals of Oscar Thorn a welcome foil to the psychedelic sound palate. If they were from Brookyln, hipsters would be drooling all over them. So buy this damn record!”
- Declan Kelly (writing in MAG)

“This album is ecstatic through all its breath, from the permutations and elaborations of its current form to the beautiful materials at their core.”
- Marcus Whale, Cyclic Defrost

Produced by Nick Huggins.


  1. Child in Rambling
  2. Ulfhenden
  3. I Sea a Wolf
  4. Ha Ha
  5. Giver
  6. Tsuki La La
  7. Tell Tell
  8. Lions Blood
  9. Upskirt
  10. Half Made Boat