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Collarbones‘ Travis Cook and Marcus Whale met in 2007. Divided by 1150km (with Cook in Adelaide and Whale in Sydney), they pieced together their brilliant debut album Iconography and released second album Die Young in 2012. Since then, Collarbones have performed collaboratively with Synergy Percussion at Vivid Sydney and released a mixtape Atlantis that featured the single ‘Burnout’. The duo have pushed boundaries with their dense, compelling live show – supporting Jessie WareDeerhunterHow To Dress Well and a string of local collaborators and friends including Rainbow ChanGuerreOscar Key Sung Martin King.

Return is an album of 9 songs that documents the erratic mood swings which come after a break up and the narcissism that follows. It deals with the fantasies surrounding love, and hones in on harsh realities. Collarbones have often played with the idea of genre and this album sees the band delving in many directions, in order to find their own way forward. The sincere sound of Return bridges the teen idol meditations found on earlier albums and solidifies Collarbones as a true gift to listeners.

Return is also available on limited edition vinyl. Please place orders through Bandcamp here:

Praise for Collarbones

“Collarbones always impress and Return is going to be all time. We’re sure of it.”

The Interns

“a bright electro-pop track that glows with colourful, flickering synths and the delightful combination of Marcus and Oscar’s overlapping vocals.”

Tone Deaf (On 'Only Water')

“Return marks perhaps the most complete realisation of the duo’s capabilities on record thus far. ”

Faster Louder


  1. 100 Nights
  2. Sinking (Deeper)
  3. Only Water (feat. Oscar Key Sung)
  4. Flush
  5. I Would I Will
  6. Turning
  7. Soldier
  8. Emoticon
  9. Enough