Shipwreck LP



Ten songs of folk origin, inspired by cheap joyful pop music and the writings of John Cage, assembled in a seaside town, with real and imagined instruments.

The first release on Two Bright Lakes, from one of it’s co-founders, one we are very proud of.


Praise for Shipwreck LP

“Shipwreck comes out as a rare thing: a careful and thoughtful record that doesn’t sound laboured; a record that makes a mess of that (nonsense) distinction between ‘acoustic’ and ‘electronic’ music; a record that uses the (home) studio as an instrument but doesn’t rely on it. It’s one of the freshest local releases this year.”

Ben Gook

“Sometimes, from right underneath you, comes a record so honest that at first you find it confronting. After multiple listens, that honesty is what you desire, the bare vulnerability of the songs is what you crave and becomes the factor that separates that record from the hundreds of others that are unleashed upon the world every day.”

Declan Kelly

“...this is something that feels to me uniquely local. But it is also amazing, gentle music, ‘gently’ experimental but with a universal appeal. Its intimate without having that intentionally lo-fi shoddiness that sucks life out of so much so-called freak-folk that I think I might otherwise get into. Instead there is a careful devotion to the sound of each song. ”

Faux Pas

“The first time I listened through it made me think of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, cutting across someone's brain and seeing all these bits of thoughts, pictures and sounds flicker through and pass. It's original, inventive, very pretty, beautiful, but innovative and strange as well.”

Eva Popov (Hello Satellites)


  1. The Sea Adrift
  2. The Movie We Made
  3. Madeleine
  4. Bonfire Wedding
  5. Paddock On Fire
  6. The First Letter of Your Name
  7. Sleeping Narration
  8. Doorframe to Bedhead
  9. Weightless Image
  10. Devotional Skyline / Big Jacket